The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2998

Chapter 2998

The Jade Seal had absorbed all the Curse Power of this world, including the Curse Power in the bodies
of the Chancellor and all living beings. The potency of this Curse Power exceeded James’
understanding of power. As the Curse Power entered his body, it frantically destroyed his body.
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At that moment, his Demonic Body was activated. The Demonic Energy inside his body circulated,
frantically rejuvenating his injured body. James, on the other hand, borrowed the power of the four-
hundred-thousand-strong army to suppress the Curse Power. Though the Martial Reverend and Thea
had diverted some of the strength away, the remaining strength was nonetheless sufficient for James to
suppress the Curse Power that surged into his body. For now, he had stabilized the situation. Now, he
only had to wait to absorb all the Curse Power of this world to win the battle.


The Chancellor cursed.

At that moment, he no longer looked like a powerful figure. Now, he was only a foul-mouthed elderly

“Hurry up and make a move already!”

He roared while staring straight ahead.

Hearing this, James’ blood ran cold. He knew that the Sanctuary must have had a spy among them.
Immediately, he activated his Divine Sense and observed his surroundings.

At that moment, the Southern Reverend appeared before James and asked, “Are you alright, James?”

James shook his head slightly and said, “I should be fine. Don’t worry about me.”

“There must be an enemy spy among us. I’ll protect you.”

The Southern Reverend said.


James nodded.

Now that there was a Quasi-Emperor at the Ninth Tribulation protecting him, James could concentrate
on suppressing the Curse Power.

However, just as James let his guard down, the Southern Reverend summoned his full force and struck
James’ back. Just as James was distracted, he suddenly sensed a terrifying power coming from his
back. Since the power of the four-hundred-thousand-strong army had been diverted away by the
Martial Reverend and Thea, not to mention that the four-hundred-thousand-strong army had already
been weakened by the Curse Power, James did not have much available power left. Even though the
damage from the incoming attack was spread across the four-hundred-thousand-strong army, James
was immediately sent flying. He plummeted from the sky and crashed heavily to the ground and into a
pile of rubble. At the same time, the four-hundred-thousand-strong army collapsed.

The Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation was destroyed.


The Chancellor roared in laughter.

Now that James was injured, he lost control of the Jade Seal. Hence, the Jade Seal stopped absorbing
Curse Power. This allowed the Chancellor to seize back control. Now that he had regained control of
the Curse Power, he planned to use them to deal with the combating Grand Emperors. The Curse
Power was too bizarre and terrifying, and the Grand Emperors stood no chance against them. As they
gradually lost ground, the Furies seized the opportunity and launched a counterattack.


Thea was in the midst of a fierce battle when she sensed the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating
Formation being shattered. She cried out in desperation and tried to reinforce James. However, she
was tied down and had no way of leaving the battle.

Now that the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation was broken and the Jade Seal had lost control,
the Curse Power was once again in the hands of the Chancellor. With the Curse Power under his
control, the tables were turned yet again.

“Southern Reverend, you!”

“Dammit! You’re a traitor!”

“Why, Headmaster? Why?”

Many roared.

Standing in mid-air, the Southern Reverend looked at them coldly and said nonchalantly, “Why? For
supreme and unparalleled power, of course.”

At that moment, blood rained from above. It was the blood of the Grand Emperors who fought to their

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