The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2999

Chapter 2999

Chapter 2999

The Blood Essence was absorbed by the mysterious Resurrection Formation. At that moment,
everyone lost hope.

“It’s over.”

“Are we really going to die here?”

“We’ll fight to the death to crush that demon!”

Many roared in fury.

At that pivotal moment, they burned their souls and acquired immense power before frantically
launching a counteroffensive. However, the Curse Power of this world was simply too terrifying. The
Chancellor who had obtained the power of this world was now at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth
Heaven. Being the first existence to ever reach the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven in the
Boundless Realm, he was now invincible.

“Hahaha, die, all of you!”

The Chancellor cackled.

The battle ensued.

No one surrendered, showing that they wished to die an honorable death.

Thea and Xainte were in the midst of a fierce battle.

At that moment, James was lying on a pile of rubble, his life hanging by a thread. He was enveloped by
Curse Power. As the Nine Heavens God- Annihilating Formation had been broken and he had lost the

power of the four-hundred-thousand-strong army, he could no longer suppress the Curse Power inside
his body. Though he had some remaining physical strength, even that was slowly being depleted.
Cracks began to appear all over his body. At the current rate, he would soon be completely annihilated
by Curse Power.
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Jabari was observing this from inside the Celestial Abode.

“Are you not planning to make a move soon?” The Spirit Tool was anxious.

James could be killed soon.

Jabari waved his hand lightly and said, “He obtained the mysterious Elixir of Nine

Deaths in the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins. Since he has nine lives, he would be reborn every time
he’s killed. Not only that, he would gain immense power, and his rank would increase. His rank is too
weak at the moment. This is the perfect opportunity for him to grow.”

Emperor Jabari knew everything about James. He did not act impulsively as he knew that James would
survive this.

Meanwhile, James was lying on the pile of rubble.

After losing the power of the four-hundred-thousand-strong army, his stimulated physical strength was
slowly being depleted, and his consciousness began to blur.

Soon, he passed out.

At that moment, a mysterious power materialized and circulated throughout his body, temporarily
suppressing the Curse Power that plagued him. Meanwhile, James stood up and tried sensing his rank.

His rank had increased from the Sage Rank’s Twelfth Stage to the Fifteenth Stage. He had jumped
three sub-ranks in a row.

“The Elixir of Nine Deaths truly is magical.”

James knew that the Elixir of Nine Deaths that he obtained in the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins had
been activated.

The Elixir’s power did not disappear. Instead, it circulated throughout his body and temporarily
suppressed the Curse Power.

Emperor Jabari smiled slightly and said, “Not bad. He jumped three subranks in a row in an instant.”

At that moment, he raised his hand, and powerful force gathered in his palm. This power spread from
the Celestial Abode and entered James’ body.

James scrutinized his insides. Upon sensing the power from the Celestial Abode, he said delightedly,
“Thank you, Emperor Jabari!”

Jabari’s voice came, “End the battle at once. I’m currently in a soul state, and as such, my power won’t
last for much longer. Besides, my power is being depleted at a rapid pace. Now, I only possess
strength equivalent to a cultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven. You need the Crepe
Myrtle Divine Sword, the Infinity Steles, and the Five Elements of Genesis to end this.”

“Got it!”

James had a murderous expression on his face.

Jabari continued, “The enemy has absorbed too much Curse Power. As such, his strength is equivalent
to mine when I’m at my peak form. To annihilate him, you first need to remove the Curse Power inside

his body. Otherwise, our powers combined won’t stand a chance against him.”

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