The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3000

Chapter 3000

The Chancellor was simply too powerful. He had absorbed the entirety of this world’s Curse Power and
reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. Of course, Jabari was exaggerating slightly.
However, this was evidence of the Chancellor’s strength. He was merely trying to remind James to be

James stood on a rock on a pile of rubble below. A fierce battle had erupted up there. Millions of living
beings fought against each other, and heaven and earth shuddered.

“Hahaha! Die, all of you!”

The Chancellor was completely demonized. Though he practiced Curse Magic, it was nigh impossible
for him to control such immense power. His expression became contorted, and his consciousness
blurred. He only had a single thought in mind—annihilate all living beings in this world and resurrect the
powerful being.

James did not sit around for long. As his mind stirred, he catalyzed the Jade Seal that had sealed away
the Curse Inscription. The Jade Seal flew to the sky and began absorbing the Curse Power of this
world. As the immense Curse Power was absorbed by the Jade Seal, it transferred the power to
James. Though James no longer had the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation, he borrowed
Emperor Jabari’s power and temporarily suppressed the Curse Power entering his body.

The Chancellor was immersed in ecstasy when he sensed something was amiss. His Curse Power
was slowly seeping away. Shocked, he scanned his surroundings, searching for the source that was
absorbing the Curse Power. Then, he saw the Jade Seal and James.

James was standing on a rock on a pile of rubble below. Wearing a black robe, he was holding the
Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in his hand. As his black hair fluttered with the wind, he exuded the aura of
a Grand Emperor.

At that moment, many sensed James’ presence.

Xainte, who was in the midst of a fierce battle, turned around and saw James the moment she sensed
the presence of a certain individual. At that moment, she could clearly sense the aura of a Grand
Emperor exuding from James’ body.


She froze.

She was dumbfounded. What rank was her father in? How could his rank fluctuate so suddenly?

Thea, the Martial Reverend, and many others sensed James’ presence. Upon seeing James, they all
breathed a sigh of relief.


With a ferocious expression on his face, the Chancellor roared, “What are you standing there for,
Southern Reverend? Hurry up and wipe him out!”

Upon seeing James reappear and sensing the Grand Emperor aura he exuded, the Southern
Reverend’s blood ran cold as fear overwhelmed him. He was only a Quasi-Emperor at the Ninth
Tribulation and had not even reached the Grand Emperor Rank. Faced against a Grand Emperor, he
had no wish to fight against him.

He turned to flee.

However, at that moment, the Chancellor was enraged upon seeing him trying to escape. As he
casually waved his hand, a swathe of Curse Power swept toward the Southern Reverend and
enveloped him.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org


As Curse Power entered his body and frantically destroyed it, the Southern Reverend roared, “Why?!
After everything I’ve done for you, why are you doing this?”

His roar reverberated throughout the region.


As the Curse Power devoured him, cracks began to appear on his body. His expression became

He did not wish to die just like that. As such, he struggled with all his might. However, as a Quasi-
Emperor at the Ninth Tribulation, he could not break free of such overwhelming Curse Power. In just a
few minutes, he was completely devoured by the Curse Power and vanished from this world.

Upon seeing this, many fell silent.

Such was the fate of a traitor.

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