The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3001

Chapter 3001

Such was the fate of a traitor.

At that moment, James had already catalyzed the Jade Seal and seized back control of the Curse
Power in this world. As Curse Power no longer headed in the Chancellor’s direction, his aura stopped
growing. There were also signs of the Curse Power inside his body seeping away.

The Chancellor summoned his full strength to catalyze Curse Magic in an attempt to control the Curse
Power. However, the Jade Seal was too magical, absorbing all Curse Power.

“Damn it!”

The Chancellor’s expression was solemn.

James was the most troublesome of all. Once he was dead, everything would be over.

His mind stirred, and he charged toward James. In an instant, he appeared before James and raised
his hand. Innumerable threads of dark Curse Power materialized and gathered to form an unparalleled
divine sword.

The dark divine sword swept toward James, carrying destructive power. As the dark divine sword
shredded through the air, the destructive power it carried destroyed space and created deep spatial


The Chancellor roared.

As he roared, the dark sword formed by Curse Power swept toward James.

“James, dodge his attack. I can’t block his attack with my current strength.”

Jabari warned.

James heeded his warning. At that moment, his mind stirred, and 108 Infinity Steles appeared out of
nowhere. Using the Infinity Steles, he formed a Superformation and placed himself in the middle.

The 108 Infinity Steles circulated around his body.

The dark sword struck the Infinity Steles.


An explosion occurred in mid-air.

The terrifying sword struck one of the Infinity Steles. Then, the other steles began to shiver. As they
began to be knocked back, spatial fissures began to appear.

The Chancellor’s attacks were overwhelming. Even James, who had obtained Emperor Jabari’s
strength and possessed the terrifying Infinity Steles, could not deflect his moves.

The Infinity Steles were divine objects created during the creation of heaven and earth. The stronger
the wielder was, the more power they would possess. Now that James had the strength of a Grand
Emperor at the Second Heaven, the Infinity Steles he summoned were incredibly terrifying. Even so, he
could not deflect the Chancellor’s attacks.

James, who was in the middle of the Infinity Steles, suffered injuries. He could only feel an
overwhelming power passing through the formation and spreading throughout his body. This power
began frantically destroying his body.

Though his physical body was reshaped by the Demonic Lotus—not to mention that Emperor Jabari’s
strength had activated the concealed Demonic Lotus power within his body—this allowing his physical

strength to reach the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, he was nonetheless unable to resist the

Cracks began to appear on his body. At that moment, dark Demonic Energy materialized and circulated
throughout his body, rejuvenating his injured body.

James did not dare let his guard down. As he hurriedly staggered backward, he summoned his full
strength and catalyzed the Jade Seal to frantically absorb the Curse Power of this world and even that
of the Chancellor. That was because he knew that as long as the Chancellor was denied of Curse
Power, his strength would decrease. If that happened, he would emerge victorious.
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Upon seeing this, the many powerful figures from afar could feel a chill down their spines.

“He’s too strong,” the Martial Reverend could not help but exclaim, “I wouldn’t have been able to deflect
the attack. I would have been turned to ashes, and my soul would have been obliterated. I never
thought that James would be able to accomplish that and escape unscathed.”

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