The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3005

Chapter 3005

“Dammit, what the hell is this?”

The Chancellor’s expression was solemn.

He raised the sword in his hand to knock the Jade Seal back. However, as he pierced his sword, the
sword was stuck to the Jade Seal. When he tried pulling his sword back, a powerful suction force came
from the Jade Seal. Even when he used his full force, he could not take back his sword. At the same
time, the Curse Power inside his body was continued to being depleted.

His face paled, and he hurriedly abandoned his weapon. After abandoning his weapon, he hurriedly
fled. Meanwhile, the weapon fell to the ground.

“How terrifying! What was that? Why was it able to suppress my Curse Power?”

The Chancellor appeared in the distance and gazed at the black Jade Seal levitating in mid-air. His
expression was unusually grim. To his understanding, Curse Power should be invincible and was a
power that surpassed all. Now, however, the Curse Power was completely being suppressed.

At that moment, the Jade Seal charged toward him. His face paled.


He knew this could not go on. Before his power was completely taken away, he had to annihilate

His mind stirred, and his sword on the ground flew toward him. Holding the black sword in his hand, he
attacked James relentlessly.

James, on the other hand, summoned the Elemental Wheel and the Infinity Steles to parry his attacks.

The fierce battle raged on.

The void was being destroyed, and cracks kept appearing on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed. Over the past ten days, James suffered many injuries.
However, with his unparalleled physical body, he managed to hang in there. However, he could clearly
sense that Emperor Jabari’s strength had decreased significantly. However, at the same time, the
Chancellor’s strength had been sapped away by the Jade Seal. In the beginning, the Chancellor’s
strength was equivalent to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. Now, he was only at the Seventh
Heaven. His rank had decreased substantially. So, though Emperor Jabari’s strength had been
depleted, the pressure on James was slowly decreasing. He knew that his chances of winning were

Meanwhile, over the past ten days, the Martial Reverend, Thea, and the Grand Emperor beasts who
had been under the control of the Sanctuary, had managed to annihilate the remaining eleven Furies.
After annihilating them, they hurriedly headed to the battlefield by sensing the battle aura. However, the
battle between James and the Chancellor was too fierce. Even a Grand Emperor such as the Martial
Reverend could not participate. Otherwise, he would suffer injuries very soon. So, they chose not to
make trouble for James and instead watched from the distance.

On the battlefield in the distance…

As Xainte gazed at the battle in the distance, she glanced at Thea who was beside her and asked,
“Mother, what rank is Father at? Why does his strength fluctuate from time to time?”

Thea was confused as well. She had no idea about James’ rank either.

She shook her head slightly and said, “I don’t know either.”

Xainte asked once more, “What are the black stone tablets near him, and what is that colorful wheel? I
sense immense power coming from them.”

Thea explained, “They are treasures that have existed since the creation of heaven and earth. The
black stone tablets are the Infinity Steles. They are providences of the First Calamity on Earth. The
other should be the Five Elements of Genesis, the providence of the Second Calamity. They are both
unparalleled providences which your father obtained.”
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“Oh.” Xainte seemed to be in deep thought. Then, she asked, “I thought you said Earth has undergone
three calamities. So what is the treasure for the third one?”

James had told Thea everything about the Third Calamity.

Thea said, “There are quite a few providences for the Third Calamity. However, the ultimate providence
is ‘Leap out of the Three Dimensions, Relinquish the Five Elements, and Attain an Emperor’s body’.
Your father obtained this providence, yet he gave it away to someone else.”

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