The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3006

Chapter 3006


Xainte was shocked.

“He gave them away to someone else?!”

She had no preconceived notion about the providence of the Third Calamity on Earth. However, based
on the previous two providences, the third one should have been terrifying.

“What is the third providence? Why did Father give them away to someone else? Who was the

Thea explained, “In essence, after obtaining the ultimate providence of the Third Calamity, one will be
able to reach the Grand Emperor Rank easily. Throughout the entire process, there’ll be no Heavenly
Tribulations. In any case, he gave it away to a woman.”

Speaking of which, Thea could not help but be slightly jealous.

Hearing this, Xainte smirked, “I never thought that Father would be such a playboy. He seemed to be
an upright man.”

In the distance, the fierce battle continued.

In just ten days, the Chancellor had lost the strength of two sub-ranks. It infuriated him. Over the past
ten days, he had summoned his full strength, yet he could only inflict minor injuries on James and could
not completely annihilate him. Now, as his strength decreased, his attacks could no longer deal any
fatal blow to James because James’ physical body was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven.
Together with the Infinity Steles, the Five Elements of Genesis, the Ancestral God Weapon, and many
other treasures in his possession, the Chancellor could do nothing.

He knew that his chances of winning had vanished. If continued fighting, his power would be further
depleted. Once his Curse Power was completely absorbed, he would be nothing more than a sheep to
the slaughter.

At that moment, he thought of escaping. As long as he survived this ordeal, he could make a comeback
one day.

Seeing that the Chancellor retreated, James immediately knew what was on his mind. He did not give
the Chancellor the opportunity to flee. The Elemental Wheel charged toward the Chancellor and
crushed the space in his surroundings. The Chancellor came under direct hit and suffered grave

“Damn it!”

He wiped the blood trace off his lips. His expression was solemn. Though he wanted to kill James, he
had no way of accomplishing that.

At that moment, the Jade Seal hovered above his head and frantically absorbed the Curse Power
inside his body.

“Kid, don’t cross the Sanctuary of Darkness. You’ll regret this. No matter who you are, you will be dead
meat,” the Chancellor warned.

Leaving that remark, he slashed the void and created a fissure. Then, his body flashed, and he entered
the fissure, vanishing without a trace.

“Trying to escape?”

James’ face darkened as he hurriedly gave chase. However, by the time he was there, the fissure was
gone. He tried sensing his opponent’s aura and forcibly tore open the void to pursue him. After arriving

at a different location, he completely lost track of the Chancellor’s aura. Standing in mid-air, he sensed
his surroundings. However, there was no sign of any aura. His expression was grim. If he could not
annihilate the mastermind behind this, it would more difficult the next time they meet.

At that moment, Jabari’s voice came, “Never mind, James. Stop chasing after him. My strength is
almost depleted. Hurry up and suppress the Curse Power within your body. Otherwise, you’ll die once
my power recedes.”
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Hearing this, James stopped giving chase.

He immediately sat in a lotus position in mid-air and concentrated on suppressing the Curse Power
inside his body.

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