The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3007

Chapter 3007

The world was full of Curse Power. James knew that he could suppress and transform them into
mysterious inscriptions. So, he did not let this opportunity slip by and began using the Jade Seal to
frantically absorb the Curse Power of this world.

Soon, Thea, Xainte, the Martial Reverend, and many others arrived. Then, they saw James sitting in
mid-air. At that moment, he was covered in dark Curse Power.

They knew that James was suppressing Curse Power, so they did not interrupt him and instead remain
by the sidelines.

As the Emperor was worried that the Chancellor would return, he wanted James to leave as soon as
possible after suppressing the Curse Power. He set up a Time Formation in James’ surroundings to
allow him to suppress Curse Power within. At the same time, he consumed an elixir that recovered
one’s soul to maintain the power of his soul.

In the blink of an eye, ten years passed, and Thea, Xainte, and the others had been waiting all this
while. A long time had also passed inside the Time Formation. However, James did not leave his
closed-door meditation. In the meantime, the Jade Seal kept absorbing Curse Power. Those who were
contaminated by Curse Power upon entering this world had it taken away, including the trapped living
beings and the primordial fighters.

Xainte looked at James who was in the Time Formation and asked, “It’s been ten years. Is he done

Thea consoled her, saying, “The Curse Power is terrifying. Suppressing them completely is an
extremely difficult feat.”
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Xainte waited patiently.

Meanwhile, Emperor Jabari who was inside the Celestial Abode kept providing power to James. As he
was in a soul state, not to mention that this was only a remnant of his soul, he did not have much
remaining strength. All these years, his energy had almost been depleted. He only barely managed to
remain in existence because he kept consuming the elixir. Otherwise, he would have long faded away.

Upon seeing Emperor Jabari’s body turning dimmer and dimmer, the Spirit Tool became increasingly

A long time passed.

In the blink of an eye, a hundred years had passed. Over the past century, everyone could clearly
sense that the world’s Curse Power had greatly diminished and it was almost completely eradicated.

Meanwhile, James had completely absorbed the Curse Power of this world and suppressed them.
Millions of dark characters began to form inside his body, gathering inside his elixir field to form a ball of
dark clouds.

After so long, Emperor Jabari could no longer maintain his current form. Upon sensing that James had
completely suppressed the Curse Power, he breathed a sigh of relief. Then, without uttering a single
word, he vanished without a trace. The Spirit Tool knew that it would take a long time for Emperor
Jabari’s soul to recover.

Meanwhile, the Time Formation in the air slowly disappeared, and James slowly descended from the
sky. Upon losing Emperor Jabari’s power, his strength weakened. Besides, without the support of
Emperor Jabari’s power, the activated power inside his physical body slowly returned to seclusion and
completely vanished in the end. Though he had grown weaker, he knew that he had reaped a lot of
benefits. His physical strength had been completely activated. It had disappeared, but his physical

strength was nonetheless still overwhelming. After remaining at the Divine Rank’s First Stage, his
power stopped seeping away.

Besides, during the battle when he was imbued with Jabari’s power, his Sage Energy had been
frantically absorbing this power and the Curse Power outside. When his life was hanging by a thread,
the Elixir of Nine Deaths increased his rank to the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Stage. Even though Emperor
Jabari’s strength had vanished, his rank stabilized at the Sage Rank’s Twentieth Stage. Compared to
the past, he had jumped by five sub-ranks. Though he was still considered weak, he was already

The journey to the Cursed World drastically increased his rank. With his current physical strength, he
could fight against a cultivator at the Divine Rank’s First Stage.

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