The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3017

Chapter 3017

At that moment, a figure suddenly appeared.

Yevpraksiya immediately collected herself and hurriedly stood up while crying out in excitement, “You’re
back, Mr. Caden!”

“Mhm.” James nodded slightly.

Yevpraksiya looked at James, who had been in closed-door meditation for two hundred years now.
Then, she realized that James had changed. When he entered the closed-door meditation two
centuries ago, he was full of malevolent power inside his power. This time, however, she felt she was
facing a razor-sharp divine sword that could tear apart her physical body at will.

James’ aura subsided.

Yevpraksiya could feel the intimidating aura dissipating until it completely vanished.

She smiled and said, “So what did you cultivate this time, Mr. Caden?”

James smiled and said nothing. Instead, he shifted the subject and asked, “How long more till we reach
the Holy Realm?”

All these years, Yevpraksiya had been paying close attention. That was because she knew that James
would leave his closed–door meditation once they arrived at the Holy Realm. As such, she knew very
well how long they needed to arrive at their destination. Without any hesitation, she said, “In about
three months.”

“Mhm.” James nodded slightly.

He was bored after spending such a long time in the Time Chamber. Now that he was out, he wanted
to seize the opportunity and rest well. So, he did not return to the Time Chamber but instead remained

in the Saucer.

Yevpraksiya was now more proactive in asking James questions. Sometimes, she would seek his
advice on cultivation. At times, she would inquire about his past, including how he met Thea and how
Xainte Callahan came to be his daughter. Posed with these questions, James only answered

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

A sea of stars appeared on the screen of the Saucer’s control room. Pointing at the screen,
Yevpraksiya said, “Mr. Caden, this is the Holy Realm, a world made up of eight galaxies. Each galaxy
has a core world. The Holy Realm goes by many names, which include the Boundless Holy Realm and
the Eight Saints Realm. Our destination is the Elixir Realm, the core world of the Holy Realm, which is
controlled by the Elixir Pavilion. Rumors say that countless years ago, this place was not called the
Elixir Realm. It was only with the rise of the Elixir Pavilion that it was named as such.”

James listened to the history intently.

He thought that the Holy Realm was a single planet. He never thought that it was a gigantic world
made up of eight galaxies, and each galaxy was countless times bigger than the Milky Way.

Yevpraksiya explained, “The Holy Realm is the core of this world. No one, not even Divine Rank
cultivators, can enter this region. You need the invitation or recommendation letter of the various sects
and families of the Holy Realm to gain the right to enter.”


James nodded slightly.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

He knew about this. However, as he had the token of the Elixir Pavilion, he was unconcerned. With the
token, he could enter the Holy Realm easily.

Yevpraksiya continued, “There are intergalactic passageways between each of the core worlds in the
eight galaxies of the Holy Realm. So, there’s no need to use intergalactic travel. With the intergalactic
passageways, we can travel to the galaxies of the Holy Realm freely. We first need to go to the
Spiritual Realm, the outermost world, and borrow its Intergalactic Transporation Formation to head to
the Elixir Realm.”

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