The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3019

Chapter 3019

“Since you’re free now, I’ll extrapolate for you.”

In a courtyard in the depths of a city inside the Celestia Abode, Emperor Jabari’s status came to life
and materialized into a man. However, his body was illusory and dim, seemingly on the verge of

Emperor Jabari sat in a lotus position on the ground and raised his hands. Then, mysterious characters
materialized in his palms, gathering to form an extrapolation pattern. Meanwhile, mysterious auras and
characters kept materializing from within him.

It lasted for about ten minutes.

“There is, James,” he answered.

Hearing this, James asked in excitement, “Which one?”

Emperor Jabari said, “The Mystic Piece, used for creating blood.”

“Mystic Piece?”

James froze. There was no such thing called the Mystic Piece in the list given to him by Emperor

Emperor Jabari hurriedly explained, “The Mystic Piece is more advanced than the ingredients on the
list. The one I scried was materialized from the Blood Essence of a powerful individual of the Primeval
Age that perished. This powerful figure was at least at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. As he
met his doom, his Blood Essence dropped on a divine object. Upon absorption, the Mystic Piece was

Emperor Jabari continued, “The rarer the ingredients to reshape my physical body, the stronger I would
be post-resurrection.”

James asked once more, “Where is the Mystic Piece?”
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Emperor Jabari explained, “The Extrapolation Path is a Path that goes against Heaven. The Heavenly
Path is supreme, and everything should depend on luck. However, with the appearance of
extrapolation, the will of the Heavenly Path had been violated. So, under normal circumstances, no
powerful individual who is well-versed in the Extrapolation Path would do so easily. I’m currently in a
soul state. To the Heavenly Path, I’m already dead. Since I should no longer exist, I wouldn’t dare scry
recklessly. I only managed to acquire some clues.”

James listened intently.

Though Emperor Jabari only extrapolated some clues, he nevertheless had to try.

“What clues?”

Emperor Jabari said, “To obtain the Mystic Piece, you need to head to Mount Baidi.”

Emperor Jabari only managed to extrapolate that the Mystic Piece was at Mount Baidi. As for the
specifics, he would not dare search too brazenly. If he continued, the Heavenly Path might sense his
remaining existence and simply annihilate him. Though the chances were negligible, he did not dare
make such a gamble.

“Mount Baidi.”

James etched the name of this location in his mind.

Then, he looked at Yevpraksiya and said, “We’ll stay in the Spiritual Realm for some time. Let’s find
accommodation in a city. Wait for me there while I deal with my matters.”

Hearing this, tears brimmed in Yevpraksiya’s eyes.

“Are you going to abandon me again, Mr. Caden? Will you be gone for another few hundred years?”

James said with a serious expression on his face, “What I’m about to do is extremely dangerous. You
won’t be safe by my side. I do not have the energy nor strength to protect you.”

“In that case, I want to enter the Celestial Abode.”

Yevpraksiya did not want to keep waiting.

After brief contemplation, James nodded and said, “That works. Let’s find a city for now while I ask
around about the location of Mount Baidi.”

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