The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3020

Chapter 3020

The Boundless Realm had existed since the Primeval Age. This world had never been through a dark
age, whereas the outside world had experienced the Ancient Heavenly Court Age and the Primordial
Age. Thus, anything could happen inside the Boundless Realm.

The Mystic Piece that Emperor Jabari extrapolated was the fusion of a divine object and the Blood
Essence of a dead powerful figure, which materialized after countless years. The fluid of the Mystic
Piece was the perfect item to create blood. So, Emperor Jabari instructed time and again for James to
search for the Mystic Piece. That was because the rarer the ingredient for reshaping his physical body,
the stronger he would be post-resurrection. If every ingredient were some of the rarest and highest
calibers, he would be at least at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven upon resurrection. After
having a physical body, it would be much easier for his soul to be recovered.

James and Yevpraksiya left the mountain range and soon arrived at a city. Though this city was not
considered huge in the Spiritual Realm, it was nonetheless more bustling than the most prosperous city
in the Stardust Realm.

They entered the city together.

In the meantime, Yevpraksiya looked for information regarding Mount Baidi through the communicator.
However, there were no records of Mount Baidi on the communicator’s network.

“There isn’t any Mount Baidi here, Mr. Caden.”

After entering the city, Yevpraksiya asked, “What sort of place is Mount Baidi? If it truly exists, there
must be records of this location on the communicator.”

“Are you sure?” James froze.

“Yes.” Yevpraksiya said, “I have checked. There’s no such place as Mount Baidi in the Spiritual Realm.”

James fell silent.

Emperor Jabari was the one who extrapolated this information. With his strength, there was no way he
could get this wrong. Since there were no records, this could only mean that Mount Baidi was a
mysterious place. Since there was no publicly available information, perhaps only those who stood at
the top of the power pyramid would know of its existence.

To confirm his thoughts, James began asking around. However, even after asking many living beings at
the Divine Rank, none of them had heard of Mount Baidi.

James was at a loss.

“What should I do?”

James stood in the middle of a bustling street. After asking so many powerful individuals, none of them
had heard of Mount Baidi.

After brief contemplation, he asked Emperor Jabari once more.

“Grand Emperor, I’ve asked around, but no one here has heard of Mount Baidi.”

“Alright, let me extrapolate a little bit more information.”

After answering James, Emperor Jabari began to extrapolate. This time, he extrapolated the way to
find Mount Baidi. As there was much information, not to mention that he did this effortlessly, the
chances of him being spotted by the Heavenly Path were negligible.

Soon, he was done.

“James, go to a place called World Pavilion in the Spiritual Realm. Based on my extrapolation, the Lord
of the World Pavilion has been to Mount Baidi and was injured by a very powerful beast. At the

moment, his life is hanging by a thread.”

Then, an elixir appeared in James’ hand.
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“This is a healing elixir. Take the elixir and head to World Pavilion. After healing the World Pavilion’s
Lord, you should be able to learn about the whereabouts of Mount Baidi.”

Glancing at the elixir, James put it away.

Then, he began asking around about the whereabouts of the World Pavilion.

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