The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3021

Chapter 3021

The World Pavilion was considered a powerful sect in the Spiritual Realm. Its influence was not
beneath the Paragon Sect of the Eidolon Realm, and its Lord was a powerful individual at the Grand
Emperor Rank’s Second Stage. Thus, James managed to acquire information about the World Pavilion

After learning of this information, James could not help but feel a chill down his spine. If even the Lord
of the World Pavilion could be defeated by a beast in Mount Baidi, it would be nigh impossible for him
to find the Mystic Piece there. Even so, he had to try his luck. After all, this concerned the resurrection
of Emperor Jabari.

Thus, upon learning of the World Pavilion’s whereabouts, he headed toward there alongside

Though this place was far away from the World Pavilion, every city in the Spiritual Realm had a
Teleportation Formation. After a few teleportations, James and Yevpraksiya finally arrived at a city
nearby the World Pavilion.

This city was called World City. It was a bustling city in which the World Pavilion was established. As
even the weakest living beings in the city were at least at the Divine Rank, James, a Sage Rank
cultivator, strolling through the streets, attracted the attention of many. They were puzzled how a Sage
Rank cultivator managed to get in. There was only a single possibility — James must be a disciple of
an insanely powerful sect.

James paid no heed to the stares and simply walked toward the mountain range where the World
Pavilion was located. Three days later, they arrived in front of a mountain range. From afar, this
mountain range seemed to be enveloped in a thin mist, so James was unable to discern the full
appearance of the mountains. Before the mountain range was a stone tablet thousands of meters in
height, on which the words ‘World Pavilion’ were engraved.

As James had learned the Elysian Inscription, he could understand the meaning of those words at a
simple glance.

“Mr. Caden, why are we at the World Pavilion?” Yevpraksiya asked. She had no idea why James came


Looking at the stone tablet, James said and strode forward. Since James was unwilling to share any
information, Yevpraksiya took the hint and shut her mouth.

Just as James approached the stone tablet, a group of fully-armed soldiers appeared out of the mist
and blocked their path. A razor-sharp blade was pressed against James’ neck. As the speed was too
extraordinary, James could not react in time.

He could only feel the iciness of the sword as he took a deep breath.

The sword-wielder was simply too powerful. Even though he was already at the Sage Rank’s Twenty-
fifth Stage, he did not stand a chance against a truly powerful individual.

He hurriedly said, “We mean no harm! We’re here because we learned that the Lord of the World
Pavilion was injured. We’ve brought with us a healing elixir.”

The sword-wielder was a disciple of the World Pavilion in charge of guarding the entrance. He was at
the Divine Rank’s Second Stage.


He grunted and sheathed his sword. At that moment, the helm of the sword struck James’ chest.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

James was immediately sent flying. He crashed heavily to the ground and spurted out a mouthful of
blood. Though his physical strength was at the Divine Rank’s First Stage, the opponent was at the
Divine Rank’s Second Stage. With a single move, he was already injured.

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