The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3023

Chapter 3023

James’ last encounter with the young man who was leading the way was in the Eidolon Realm. He was
Jules Daniela, a powerful Alchemist at the Quasi-Emperor Rank and the Young Master of the Elixir

James stood up from the rock he was sitting on when he saw Jules. His handsome face was adorned
with a bright smile, this man walked towards him with confidence. He had come to the World Pavilion to
ask for one’s hand in marriage. During his last quest to conquer Xainte Callahan in the Eidolon Realm,
he did not expect to find himself embroiled in a war. After he left the Cursed World, he returned to the
Holy Realm. Though the Realm was humongous in size with a large range of beautiful women
available, he was only interested in a handful of them. One of them was the Grand Priestess of the
World Pavilion. All these years, he has acquired quite a number of beauties thanks to his position in the
Realm. However, this has not quenched his thirst for more. What he wanted was for all women to
willingly become bearers of his children.

He arrived at the World Pavilion in delirium. The sight of James at the gates of the Pavilion froze his
smile. He paused for a few seconds before he ran towards James clumsily.

“Why are you here, James?” His followers from the Elixir Pavilion were equally shocked as well. What
was going on? Why was their usually confident Young Master acting this respectfully towards this

“Jules, I should be the one asking you this question. Why are you here?” James could not resist his

Jules had seen how powerful James was back in the Cursed World. With his own strength, James
defeated numerous powerful figures who absorbed Curse Power. It came as no surprise that he
respected the young man standing in front of him and spoke the truth of his arrival, “James, I’m here to
propose an arrangement of marriage.”

“A marriage proposal?” James was dumbfounded.

Jules nodded his head. “Indeed, I’m here to ask for the Grand Priestess’ hand in marriage. What about
you, James?”

Yevpraksiya who was standing beside them was at a loss for words as well. This man was the Young
Master of the Elixir Pavilion. Why was he holding James in such high reverence? But then, the thought
of Martial Reverend reminded her of the level of recognition that James had acquired.
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James was looking for an opportunity to enter the World Pavilion. The appearance of the Elixir
Pavilion’s Young Master was beyond his anticipation. As he took a glance at Jules, he smiled and
answered, “Not much, I’m just here to meet the Master of the World Pavilion, but I’ve been refused
entry by the disciples guarding the entrance.”

“What?” His words seem to have angered Jules. “How dare they stop you?! Let me teach them a

James stopped Jules in time by saying, “Forget about it. I wouldn’t want to make a fuss.”

“Oh, alright.” Jules continued and said, “Based on your abilities, never mind a few disciples, even a few
World Pavilions would not even be a match for you.”

Even James was embarrassed by these words of praise. If he truly had such an ability, he would not
have been stopped outside of the hill’s gate for three long years. James looked Jules in the eye and
said, “Would you be able to bring me into the World Pavilion to meet the World Pavilion’s Master?”

Jules responded without hesitation, “Why of course! Leave it to me.”

Subsequently, Jules marched forward towards the gates of the hill. A few disciples appeared before
him. When these disciples saw the group dressed in alchemist robes and their alchemist badges, they

allowed them entry without the slightest hint of hesitation. “Ah, you’re from the Elixir Pavilion. Our
pleasure to have you here at the World Pavilion.”

With an arrogant expression, Jules spoke, “I am the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion, Jules Daniela,
the son of the Pavilion’s Master. Who was the one who had the guts to stop James previously?”

These disciples of the World Pavilion were frightened when they realized that the man was the Elixir
Pavilion’s Young Master. They fell to their knees and cried out, “Welcome to the World Pavilion, Young

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