The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3025

Chapter 3025

The girl was wearing a white dress. She had black hair and delicate features. Her complexion was
smooth and fair and was at most twenty years old. She was insanely seductive as if she had emerged
from a painting and had never witnessed the sufferings of the human world. Her eyes were like crystals
from which innocence emanated.

“What’s wrong?” She could not help but ask the injured and limping Ladio.

“Grand Priestess Monica,” Respectfully, he continued, “The Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion is at the
gates. I was beaten up by him.”

“Elixir Pavilion? Young Master?” Monica staggered as she continued, “The World Pavilion has no bad
blood with the Elixir Pavilion. Why did their Young Master hit my Pavilion’s disciples?”

Hesitating, Ladio failed to give his immediate answer.

“Just say whatever you want to say, it’s alright.” Monica tried soothing Ladio’s anxiety.

Hearing this, Ladio opened up and replied truthfully, “Three years ago, an outsider wished to enter the
World Pavilion. He said that he was here to bring the healing elixir to our injured Master. But because
he’s an amateur alchemist, we didn’t believe him and gave him a beating instead. Now, the Young
Master of the Elixir Pavilion who seems to be an ally of this youngster has emerged out of nowhere.”

Ladio felt wronged. He was merely a guard doing his job. His last wish was to offend a prominent
figure. He continued to tell Monica, “Grand Priestess Monica, the Elixir Pavilion’s Young Master wishes
to see Master, but Master has been in a closed-door meditation for many years. I plan to inform the
Great Elder first, and let the Great Elder welcome the Elixir Pavilion’s Young Master himself.”

Putting thought into his words, Monica said, “No rush. Let me go out and see for myself.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Ladio nodded.

Without delay, Monica walked out of the formation and appeared outside the gates of the mountain.

Jules was busy currying favor with James. He even went as far as to invite James to be the Elixir
Pavilion’s guest. When a breathtaking and stunning woman appeared out of the blue, he immediately
recognized her as the Grand Priestess of the World Pavilion, the sole reason he was now at the gates
of the mountain. If it were not because James was around, he would have started flirting with this
beautiful woman before his eyes. Instead, he walked towards Monica with an arrogant expression and
said, “Monica, now that you’re here, shouldn’t you kneel before James to welcome him?”

Monica took a quick glance at Jules. This was his first time seeing Jules in person. But judging from his
attire, she could tell that he was a core member of the Elixir Pavilion. While other disciples of the World
Pavilion feared him, she did not, especially when she had attained the Quasi-Emperor Rank.

“Who is this James? At the World Pavilion, we go according to our rules. I haven’t even confronted you
about beating up my sect’s disciples. This is the World Pavilion, not the Elixir Pavilion.” Being an
important figure of the World Pavilion, she saw it as a duty to help her sect’s disciples when they have
been wronged without reason. No matter what, the World Pavilion was an important sect in this world.
Their reputation would undeniably be harmed if this news reached others’ ears.

“Good on you, Monica!” This infuriated Jules. He could not allow James to be attacked. “Do you know
who James is? Even if the Master of the World Pavilion stood in front of him, he could destroy him with
one finger. Yet, you’re taking advantage of his generosity?” He was exasperated. At the current
moment, he did not care if Monica was a woman. Summoning all his power, the aura of a Quasi-
Emperor emanated from his body. What was left for him was to strike Monica.
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This was completely beyond Monica’s expectations. She had no idea that the Young Master of the
Elixir Pavilion had also attained the Quasi-Emperor Rank, let alone being more powerful than her.

Regardless, she could not stand by and do nothing when her sect was being bullied. Summoning all
her might, she was ready to fight him one on one.

Seeing that a fight was about to erupt, James walked toward them immediately and asked, “Can’t the
two of you act more like civilized people and just talk it out?”

Hearing this, Jules suppressed his anger and looked Monica in the eye. “If it weren’t for you, James, I
would have annihilated the World Pavilion today.”

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