The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3028

Chapter 3028

The World Pavilion was a family sect, its founder being the current Young Master, Wollongong Trinity.
Wollongong was once a rogue cultivator who had excellent providence. He managed to attain the rank
of Quasi-Emperor before he founded the World Pavilion. The Elders constituted the nucleus of the
Trinity family, with Wollongong’s father being the current Great Elder. Grand Priestess Monica Trinity
was an anomaly, as she was not born into the family. Her membership in the World Pavilion was thanks
to her intelligence. The Elders were so impressed by her intelligence they decided to take her in as an
apprentice and even appoint her as Grand Priestess, an immensely influential position.

Upon hearing that the Young Master of Elixir Pavilion was now at the World Pavilion, the Great Elder,
Grasberg Trinity made haste for the main hall.

When he arrived at the main hall, he saw many disciples of the Elixir Pavilion in addition to a few boxes
lying around. Entering his vision was a man with an alchemist robe speaking to a youngster.

Grasberg recognized Jules Daniela immediately. While that was his first time seeing Jules in person,
his intuition as the Great Elder of the sect could not be amiss. Without delay, Grasberg greeted his
guests with a bright smile as he said, “What an honor it is for the World Pavilion to have the Young
Master as our guest.”

Jules’ reaction when he realized Grasberg’s presence was anything but serious. He asked casually,
“You are?”

Grasberg introduced himself as he said, “Good day, Young Master. I’m the Great Elder of the World
Pavilion, Grasberg Trinity.”

“Oh,” Jules responded with a nod and continued, “Who’s the Master of the World Pavilion? Please
come out. James wants to see him.”


Grasberg was dumbfounded. He subconsciously took a quick glance at James. There was only another
man in the room. Was this so-called ‘James’ the youngster in front of him? He was very confused and
said, “Young Master, I regret to say that Master has been in a closed-door meditation for many years
and hasn’t left since. Even I haven’t been able to see the Master. If James must see the Master, I’m
afraid waiting is the only option. Once he completes his meditation, I’ll let him know you’ve been
waiting.” He would not dare to spite someone that even the Elixir Pavilion’s Young Master respects.

By this time, Monica had already arrived at the main hall. She then took a seat on a chair. Her eyes
focused on James. She did not understand why Jules, a Quasi-Emperor himself, would act so humble
in front of this premature youngster.

At this moment, James interrupted the conversation and said, “I heard the Master of the World Pavilion
was injured. We came all the way to bring him a healing elixir. Plus, I have got a question to ask the

Hearing this, Grasberg’s expression changed slightly. Master’s injury was a secret even within the
World Pavilion. There was very little within the Pavilion who knew about the incident. Only the core of
the family was well-informed about it. How did James, this outsider, find out?

His gaze was fixed upon James.

“If James said he’s injured, this must be true. He came all the way to bring you the healing elixir. This is
undeniably an honor of the World Pavilion, so why are you just standing there? Tell Wollongong to
come out,” said Jules impatiently. Grasberg’s arrogance was getting on his nerves. This made James
even more admirable, for James’ patience was unmatched, just like his potential.

“Um…” Grasberg was reluctant.

“What’s wrong?” Young Master’s expression darkened and said, “Are you just gonna stand there?”

“I-I’ll go ask for him now.” Though he was the Great Elder, he had no other option. He had no idea how
James found out about Wollongong’s injury. If it were other disciples from the Elixir Pavilion, he would
not have budged an inch. But now that someone who is as influential as Jules was giving him pressure,
he could not refuse his request.
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