The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3029

Chapter 3029

Grasberg left with another Elder after he was done talking, leaving Monica in the main hall. She stared
at James and Jules with her eyes widened. Well, her name was not Monica. Monica was just a name
given to her after she joined the World Pavilion. She had huge innate potential. Being the most
powerful figure in the Spiritual Realm, she had seen a lot, but what was unfolding before her eyes was
something she had never seen before.

‘Who exactly is this young man? There can’t possibly be someone more influential than Jules in the
Holy Realm?’ she asked herself silently.

Jules had zero interest in Monica. He stood in front of James smilingly, and asked, “James, who was
that mysterious person who knows Curse Magic in the Cursed World?” As the Young Master of the
Elixir Pavilion, he was not interested only in beauties. He knew everything that happened in the Cursed
World mattered a lot to the entire world. If this mysterious person who knew Curse Magic brought
powerful figures to the Holy Realm, that would undeniably be a catastrophe for them. While he was
powerful, there were many more out there who were better than him, yet he had not met anyone who
had attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. Even the Elixir Pavilion’s current Master was at
the Fifth Heaven. If the Pavilion had a hidden Grand Patriarch, that would only be at the Seventh
Heaven. They would stand no chance against someone who had reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s
Ninth Heaven. It was precisely because he knew how serious matters were that he was trying his best
to find out.

James took a quick glance at Jules. He felt that this was a good time to pose his question. Being the
Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion, Jules may know about the Ancestral God Rank elixir.

”Were you there when I last spoke about the Four Calamities of Earth?”, asked James.

“What?” Jules was dumbfounded. What Four Calamities of Earth? He had never heard of the Four
Calamities of Earth, let alone heard James mentioning it. He regretfully hit his head, dismayed that he

had missed something.

James thus repeated the incident of the Four Calamities of Earth to Jules.

“If my guess is correct, the force behind this mysterious person is remnants from the Primeval Age,
aiming to deal with the earthling that comes to the Boundless Realm in search of the Ancestral God
Rank elixir.”

Jules understood immediately and responded, “In that case, you must be the most powerful figure who
came from Earth.”

James was indeed from Earth, but he was not some immensely powerful figure. He did not deny it but
instead continued, “The Four Calamities is not only the calamities of Earth but also the biggest calamity
of humankind. Heaven’s Adjudicators will appear and annihilate all mankind. The Ancestral God Rank
elixir is our only hope. In the Primeval Age, the Heavenly Path made arrangements for a mysterious
force to stop anyone from searching for the elixir.”

As he spoke, he took a look at Jules, who was listening very carefully. “Have you heard of the Ancestral
God Rank Elixir?”
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”What?” When he managed to fully process the question, he shook his head forcefully, “Nope, I’ve
never heard of it before.”

“Oh,” James responded softly and said nothing after.

Jules had indeed never heard of it, and could only find out slowly when he is back at the Elixir Pavilion.

On the other side of the room, Monica was listening to the bizarre things that came out of James’
mouth. He spoke about Earth, Outsiders, and other things that sounded very much like folk tales. She
smiled in disdain at Jules.

Only a fool like him would believe James’ tales.

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