The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3034

Chapter 3034

Wollongong asked about James.

He was curious as to what kind of person James was to command such a high level of respect from the
Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion.

Monica was very displeased, but she did not leave. Now that she heard the Master of World Pavilion
inquire about James, her interest was piqued as well, and she listened intently nearby.

As soon as Wollongong asked about James, a look of respect appeared on Jules’ face.

“You have no idea how terrifying Mr. Caden is.”

He began to get lost in his memories.

“A while ago, I headed to the Eidolon Sect, but I accidentally got caught up in a conspiracy and entered
a Cursed World.

“Do you know about curses?

“It’s Curse Power. According to rumors, it is a power left by an Ancestral God during the Primeval Age.
That world is filled with Curse Power.

“In that world, there was a prominent figure. This prominent figure was in control of countless vicious
beasts and living beings. The weakest among these vicious beasts and living beings were at the Three
Divine Stages. Numerous Quasi-Emperors were among them, and even a lot of powerful individuals of
the Grand Emperor Rank.

“This mysterious person laid out a Resurrection Formation with the intent to resurrect an extremely
powerful individual.

“In the end, Mr. Caden dissolved all the Curse Power in the living beings.

“Moreover, the rank of that mysterious cultivator was only at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven.
However, after he absorbed the Curse Power of the Cursed World, his strength was comparable to
Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.

“He was an invincible force, plus he was in control of many powerful figures. Nobody could match him.
Even the most powerful cultivator in the Eidolon Realm, Martial Reverend, could not do anything to

“Finally, Mr. Caden was the one who stepped forward and defeated the mysterious person until they

“Are you aware of that kind of power? That is a power that surpasses everything. Even a powerful
figure at the Grand Emperor Rank will tremble in fear in the face of this power.”

Jules slowly recounted his experiences in the Cursed World.

When Monica listened up until this point, she could not help but ask, “Is he really that powerful? That
can’t be right. His aura is only at the Sage Rank. Could you have made a mistake?”

“Made a mistake? How is that possible?”

Jules shook his head and said, “You have no idea how many powerful figures he saved this time. All of
these powerful people owe him their lives. Among them, there are many Grand Emperors. If he issues
a call to action, these powerful figures will certainly put their lives on the line for him. If he establishes a
sect, it will undoubtedly surpass the Elixir Pavilion.”

Jules was not at all kidding.

James had saved too many powerful figures. A lot of them were Grand Emperors. There were even
countless Quasi-Emperor. More terrifying than that was a group of prominent figures at the Three
Divine Stages.

It would be extremely frightening once these powerful figures matured.

Although Jules was dissolute, he was not dumb. He knew that currying favor with James would be
beneficial to the Elixir Pavilion.

After he said that, he cast a glance at Wollongong, who had a contemplative look on his face and said
nonchalantly, “You should be honored that Mr. Caden gave you the healing elixir. He did not strike you
or forcibly interrogate you. That’s because Mr. Caden has cultivated to such a high level. His self-
cultivation is great. He couldn’t be bothered to strike.”
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“H-He’s really that powerful?” Wollongong also asked.

“It’s absolutely true. In the Cursed World, over ten billion powerful figures witnessed this battle
firsthand. He had a plethora of treasures on him as well. Every one of them has the power to bring
mass destruction.”

Jules was enthralled. He was quite interested in learning what kind of treasures James used during the

“Besides, Mr. Caden’s sword techniques are exceptional. His sword techniques are too terrifying.”

Jules could not help but give praise.

Wollongong started to ponder.

If James was truly that powerful, he would not be interested in Mount Baidi’s inheritance.

“Mr. Caden is really going to Mount Baidi just to find a divine herb, right?” Wollongong asked after
giving it some thought.

Jules nodded and said, “That is absolutely the case, I swear on my life.”

Currently, Wollongong was also a little intrigued.

If James followed along, he might be able to break the formation and acquire the inheritance.

After some thought, he said, “Young Master, you should first get some rest. We’ll talk again about the

As he said that, he waved his hand slightly.

Jules had said everything he could. If Wollongong remained unresponsive, there was nothing he could

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