The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3038

Chapter 3038

Wollongong did not completely believe what Jules had said. He did not believe James was actually
going to Mount Baidi just for a herb.

He made some plans.

Over the next few days, James stayed temporarily at the World Pavilion.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

After three days, many people gathered at the entrance to the main hall of the World Pavilion’s main

Wollongong was explaining to James some circumstances on Mount Baidi.

James kept them in mind.

After he had memorized them, he looked at Yevpraksiya, who was beside him, and said, “Stay at the
World Pavilion for the time being. After I found the herb that I need, I’ll come to pick you up.”

“Sir.” Yevpraksiya looked reluctant. She said, “Don’t you have the Celestial Abode? Let me go inside
the Celestial Abode. I can wait for you in there.”

James thought for a while, then nodded. He waved his hand casually. A force then formed in his hand
and collected Yevpraksiya into the Celestial Abode.

Wollongong looked at James, Jules, and Monica, and reminded them, “Mount Baidi is not a typical
place. Be careful.”

James said, “Thank you for the reminder.”

After that, James summoned the Saucer.

When he saw James summoned the Saucer, Wollongong slightly furrowed his brow. ‘As an extremely
powerful cultivator, he is still using such a low-grade Saucer? An extremely powerful cultivator would be
able to tear open the sky without trouble and appear at Mount Baidi easily.’
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Nonetheless, he did not say anything. James took the initiative and entered the Saucer.

After that, Jules and Monica followed him into the Saucer as well.

James directed the Saucer to quickly gain altitude and depart the Spiritual Realm, flying into the vast
expanse of outer space.

The region where Mount Baidi was located was not particularly far from the Spiritual Realm. It would
take about a month to reach there by Saucer.

Jules was also unable to understand why James wanted to move forward slowly with the Saucer.
Would it not be nice to tear open the sky and arrive at the planet where Mount Baidi was in an instant?

However, he also did not inquire.

From his perspective, after reaching James’ level, everything he did was right.

Monica, on the other hand, was once again skeptical of James’ strength.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

After a month, James and the others appeared outside a desolate planet.

James stood in front of the Saucer’s main control screen, looked at the planet that appeared on the
screen, and said, “It’s probably here, right?”

Monica glanced at it as well, nodded, and said, “Yes, it’s here. It is said that during the Primeval Age,
this planet was also a powerful world. Due to the passage of time, this world became barren. Now,
nobody even knows what the name of this planet is.”

James controlled the Saucer to move forward.

The Saucer passed through the atmosphere of this barren planet and eventually landed on its surface.

He opened the Saucer before descending from it.

Once he appeared on this desolate planet, James sensed a raging force. This force recklessly
slammed against his body, as if it wanted to rip his body apart.

Fortunately, his physical strength had reached the Divine Rank. Otherwise, he would not be able to
withstand this planet’s boisterous force.

Jules and Monica were both Quasi-Emperors. They could withstand this raging force as well. Jules
looked at the surroundings.

On this planet, there were no plants. There were bald mountain ranges all around them. Some
mountain ranges were even split open. Based on the marks, it seemed that they were broken open by
extremely powerful cultivators.

Furthermore, on some mountains, a strong desire to fight could be felt.

From here, it was clear that this place had seen a devastating battle during the Primeval Age.

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