The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3039

Chapter 3039

“This explains why no living beings live here. It’s so dilapidated. Who would want to come here,” Jules
muttered. Then, with a smile, he looked at Monica who was beside him and reminded her, “Ms. Monica.
This world is dangerous. Be careful and stay by my side. I’ll protect you.”

As he said that, he moved closer to Monica with the intention of taking her hand.

Monica dodged out of the way just in time. With a look of disdain on her face, she said, “Who needs
your protection? You should protect yourself instead.”

“You shouldn’t be like this,” Jules immediately became serious. He said, “After we return, we’re going to
get married. You shouldn’t resist me. You should try to get closer to me. As you get closer to me, you’ll
discover my positive traits.”

Monica’s face was filled with contempt. She could not be bothered to argue with Jules.

Although she could not refuse this marriage, Jules would only get her person, not her heart.
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He moved closer to James and asked, “Mr. Caden, where are we going now?”

James took out the map Wollongong had given him previously. He flipped through the map, identified
the direction, and said, “Our location should be here. Wollongong said Mount Baidi is at the center
region of this world. That means right here. We’ll go to Mount Baidi first.”

James was going to Mount Baidi to look for the Mystic Piece.

As for what the formation of Mount Baidi was really like, he would have to go there to find out.

He believed that with Emperor Jabari’s level of mastery, deciphering the formation of Mount Baidi
should not be difficult. As long as he could reach Mount Baidi, he would be able to acquire the Mystic

James had no idea that a prominent figure had been following him. That person was indeed the Great
Elder of the World Pavilion, Grasberg.

Grasberg had been trailing James. He was aware that James was a powerful cultivator. He did not dare
to get too close to him and instead kept his distance.

As James and the others appeared on this nameless planet, a battleship appeared outside this planet
out of thin air.

This battleship was gargantuan. It was larger than a mountain.

On the battleship’s deck stood an elder. The elder was dressed in a black robe. He was very thin. He
was so thin that there was only a layer of skin on his face. Even his bones were visible.

Behind him were many soldiers wearing black robes and masks of all shapes and sizes.

“This should be the place.”

The elder muttered.

If James were present, he would definitely recognize this person. This person was the Chancellor of
the Sanctuary of Darkness, who had absorbed innumerable Curse’s strength in the Cursed World at
that time, and had been defeated by him and fled.


A man approached from behind the Chancellor.

The man appeared to be about thirty years old. He was dressed in a gray robe. His appearance was
typical. However, there was a third eye between his brows.

The man walked over and asked, “Is this really the place?”

“Yes. It can’t be wrong.” The Chancellor looked ahead at the desolate planet and said, “In the Primeval
Age, this place was definitely a dazzling planet. I can sense the presence of countless spirits here.”

“Chancellor, why did we come here?”

The young man was Sanctuary of Darkness’ new Sect Elder. He had only recently joined the Sanctuary
of Darkness and knew little about some core affairs of the Sanctuary of Darkness. Despite being
brought along to execute the mission, he had no idea what the mission was exactly.

“Haha.” The Chancellor laughed.

“You didn’t know about this. This place is a significant world during the Primeval Age. All living beings
on this planet died as a result of the battle in the Primeval Age. After living beings die, their souls
disperse. However, all of those who died were powerful cultivators. They would not die completely but
would leave some spirits behind.

“Last time, in the Cursed World, I intended to resurrect an extremely powerful figure from the Primeval
Age, but it was disrupted. The Sanctuary of Darkness needs more powerful cultivators. The purpose of
coming here this time is to use Curse Magic and forcibly gather the spirits at this location in order to
form a completely new living being.

“A living being formed from a mass of countless powerful cultivators’ spirits must be extremely

The Chancellor burst out laughing. His laughter was low and sinister.

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