The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3040

Chapter 3040

Last time, the Chancellor’s mission failed.

The Sanctuary of Darkness had worked on this plan for a very long time before carrying it out.
However, it ultimately failed. Not only did it fail, but it also resulted in the loss of the Twelve Furies of
Heaven and Earth, the twelve prominent figures of the Grand Emperor Rank.

After he returned to the headquarters, the Chancellor was almost beaten to death.

To make amends for his failure, he once again prepared this project.

He brought many powerful cultivators proficient in Spirit Assemblage Art and searched everywhere for
planets with spirits.

On this planet, there were many spirits.

If they gathered these spirits together and used Cursed Magic, they could forcibly mass them into a
living being. That strength would be very terrifying, and it would be of great use for the following plans
of Sanctuary of Darkness.


The Chancellor commanded.

Following his command, the airship quickly moved forward, vanished from outer space in an instant,
and entered this barren world.

At present, James had already rushed toward the center region.
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He was moving forward at a fast pace. Nonetheless, in the eyes of Monica and Jules, James’ speed
was too slow.

Regardless, the two said nothing. From Jules’ perspective, whatever James did was correct.

Just like that, after advancing in this barren world for about half a month, they finally arrived at the
center region, or in other words, the region of Mount Baidi.

In front of them, there were vast mountain ranges.

The shapes of these mountain ranges were very odd. From afar, they looked like individual skulls.

After seeing the strange mountain ranges in front of him, James muttered, “So, Mount Baidi is actually
made of mountains of skulls.”

“Yeah.” Jules also looked ahead at the mountain ranges shaped like skulls. He could not help but gasp.
He said, “I wonder if they were formed naturally or by design.”

James said, “Wollongong said that Mount Baidi is, in and of itself, a very terrifying formation. Only after
solving the formation of Mount Baidi can we truly enter the ruins of the Divine Shadow Sect. However,
there is a very powerful beast here. Even Wollongong is no match against this beast. According to
Wollongong, the beast’s strength is about Grand Emperor Rank’s Fourth Heaven.”

The Grand Emperor Rank was the presence of a pyramid in cultivation.

Nobody who reached the Grand Emperor was not a prodigy.

At this rank, one could not cross over their ranks to kill their enemies.

No matter how powerful and terrifying the Supernatural Power they cultivated was, they could not
transcend their ranks to annihilate their enemies.

Jules’ handsome face was bright with a grin. He said, “A beast that is only at the Grand Emperor
Rank’s Fourth Heaven is insignificant. In front of Mr. Caden, this beast is nothing.”

Monica cast a glance at Jules.

At this point, Jules still revered and worshiped James so much.

She was curious to find out if James was truly that powerful. She wanted to see if James could
annihilate a powerful beast when he was up against them.

James, on the other hand, was communicating with Emperor Jabari, who was in the Celestial Abode.

“Your Majesty, there’s probably a beast at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fourth Heaven here. Has your
strength recovered?”

James had to rely on Emperor Jabari to kill the beast and decipher the formation.

From within the Celestial Abode, Emperor Jabari’s voice came over, “How could it be so easily
recovered? To begin with, I’m in a spirit state. Spirits do not have the physical body as a vessel. So,
recovery is quite difficult.”

“What should I do, then?” asked James.

“Don’t worry,” Emperor Jabari said, “Your physical body was reconstructed with Demonic Lotus. This
Demonic Lotus itself is quite powerful. It’s comparable to Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. I only
need a small amount of strength to activate the power hidden within your physical body. After it is
activated, your physical strength will be comparable to Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. When you
fight a beast in Grand Emperor Rank’s Fourth Heaven, you’ll be able to overpower it.”

With Emperor Jabari’s words, James felt temporarily relieved. He looked over the mountains of skulls
ahead and said, “Let’s go.”

Jules was aware that there was a powerful beast at this location. He did not dare to take the lead and
instead waited for James to do so. Monica did so as well. She remained in her original spot and waited
for James to walk first.

James took a step and strode forward. He was just getting close to Mount Baidi…


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