The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3043

Chapter 3043

The Divine Cow immediately reverted to his true form.

He flapped his black wings, and a few mysterious lines emerged on his wings.

After that, the lines activated and connected with each other.

A disturbing force was immediately unleashed.

The Divine Cow flapped his wings again, and lightning filled the sky.

The flashes of lightning contained great strength and was enough to injure inexperienced Grand

Unfortunately, they dealt no damage to James.

James’ physical strength was immeasurable. The Divine Cow’s Path was unable to break through
James’ defenses.

The attack merely made James’ Blood Energy churn slightly.

A fierce battle broke out in the barren world.

The Divine Cow unleashed his terrifying signature skill along with the full strength of his Path.

The Path he mastered was that of lightning.

Although the Lightning Path boasted devastating strength, the Divine Cow could not inflict any
substantial damage to James nor break his physical defenses.

After fighting for some time, the Divine Cow became fatigued. James’ attacks had knocked off the
scales on his body and he was bleeding all over.

The Divine Cow knew he would die if the fight continued.

The Divine Cow shouted, “Hold on!!!”

James restrained himself just in time.

The Divine Cow immediately turned back into a human.

He floated in the air and wheezed laboriously. Turning to James, he waved his hand as he said,
“Enough. I don’t want to fight anymore.”

“You’re surrendering?” James smirked.

His physical body was sturdy since it was reformed by the Demonic Lotus.
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He was only capable of unleashing the Demonic Lotus’ full potential with the help of Emperor Jabari.
However, he firmly believed his physical strength would eventually reach this level if he continued to
train diligently.

When that time comes, he would become a formidable existence.

The Divine Cow looked at James nervously. He wondered, ‘Where did this guy come from? Why is his
physical strength so impressive?’

He stammered, “W-Who are you? Why have you come to this place?”

Instead of answering, James directed his question back at him. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking who you
are? Why are you living here?”

The Divine Cow raised his head and said proudly, “I’m a Five-Blooded Divine Cow with an enhanced

Divine Cows were a noble race.

Thus, he was very proud of his origins.

James inquired, “What are you doing here?”

With a hint of frustration, the Divine Cow replied, “When I was adventuring, I chanced upon this
deserted planet. I sensed an Emperor Rank Herb here and knew I would be able to evolve again if I
were to consume it. Not only would I become a Nine-Blooded Divine Cow, but I’ll also become a Grand
Emperor at the Fifth Heaven, and my strength will also increase considerably.”

“Emperor Rank Herb?”

Confused, James asked, “What is that exactly?”

He was worried that the Divine Cow was looking for the Mystic Piece.

The Divine Cow replied, “It’s an Aquacollis.”

Hearing this, James heaved a sigh of relief.

He had heard of Aquacollis before.

It was recorded in the books left behind by Emperor Jabari. Aquacollis were a type of miraculous and
rare Emperor Rank Herb. An Aquacollis plant took thousands of years to grow.

The Divine Cow said dejectedly, “I’ve been here for a long time but haven’t managed to break the
formation in this place.”

James looked at the Divine Cow and fell into deep thought.

Then, he addressed Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode, “Could you break the formation for me,
Emperor Jabari?”

Emperor Jabari replied, “I should be able to.”

James was relieved after hearing Emperor Jabari’s reply. Looking at the Divine Cow in the distance, he
said, “I can break the formation for you and help you obtain the Aquacollis, Divine Cow. However, I
have one condition.”

The Divine Cow replied excitedly, “What is it?”

James replied, “I want you to be my subordinate for a hundred thousand years. When that time is up,
you’ll be free.”

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