The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3045

Chapter 3045

Monica and Jules had no doubts about James’ strength. They were no strangers to James displaying a
Grand Emperor’s energy.

James appeared in the air in a flash. He casually waved his hand, and mysterious inscriptions emerged
from his palm.

The words appearing from his palm were Formation Inscriptions.

All formations were formed by these inscriptions.

The greater one’s knowledge of Formation Inscriptions, the stronger the formation one could set up.

The inscriptions slowly appeared and flowed into the void ahead of them.

At that moment, the skull-shaped mountains gradually morphed and began to shift.

They moved rapidly, and the invisible formation surrounding the area slowly came into view.

James used Formation Inscriptions to break through the formation.

Under the assault of the Formation Inscriptions, the formation around Mount Baidi gradually

The formation’s dissolution took around three years.

After that, the formation around Mount Baidi was completely broken, and a utopian area emerged.

The skull-shaped mountains had disappeared, and a canyon shrouded in white mist appeared ahead of

Behind the mist was a beautiful landscape of mountains and rivers.

At the same time, waves of pure Primordial Energy permeated the air.

“The formation is broken! He really broke the formation!”

The Divine Cow cried out excitedly.

He had stayed in this place for several Epochs but never succeeded in breaking the formation. He did
not expect James to break it in only three years.

“From now onward, I, Nico Eastwood, shall serve you.”

Nico was thrilled. Now that the formation was gone, he could finally get his hands on the Aquacollis and
develop himself further. His strength could finally reach greater heights.

“Let’s go have a look.”

James stepped forward.

Monica, Jules, and Nico followed behind him.

Just as they stepped into the canyon, several figures appeared in the distance.

The figures watched James’ party advance into the canyon and quietly left the place.

Concurrently, a huge airship floated elsewhere in the barren world.

A glamorous party was taking place in the airship’s main hall.

A few beautiful women were dancing to the music.

Meanwhile, an old man sat in the topmost seat of the main hall.

Suddenly, a few dark shadows appeared and gradually materialized into cultivators donning black
robes and masks. They immediately got on their knees, and one of them reported. “Chancellor, we’ve
noticed something abnormal.”

The Chancellor sat at the highest seat, enjoying a massage from a number of beautiful women.

He replied lazily, “What happened?”

“We spotted a few cultivators in the world’s central region. A very strong formation had been set up
there, but these cultivators managed to break it and have already made their way into the canyon.”

The Chancellor immediately pushed away the beautiful women beside him.

He stood up abruptly and asked, “Who are they?”

“I’m uncertain. Guessing from their energy, one should be a cultivator at the Sage Rank, two are Quasi-
Emperors, and one is a Grand Emperor.”

The Chancellor began to ponder.
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This planet was desolate, and hardly attracted any cultivators. So how were there other living beings on
the planet?

After a brief thought, he murmured, “Coincidentally, we need the soul of a Grand Emperor to stir up the
remnant soul.”

As he devised a plan, the Chancellor immediately issued an order. “Gather everyone. Instruct them to
halt their missions and head directly to this world’s central region.”


As the order was relayed, the powerful subordinates that were dispersed all over the world collecting
soul sigils quickly gathered in the planet’s central region.

Meanwhile, James’ party had already entered the Divine Shadow Sect’s ruins and was unaware of the
impending danger.

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