The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3048

Chapter 3048

Nico had caught up to the airship.

He sealed the space within with immense power and imprisoned the airship that was trying to escape
through the void.

The huge airship was trapped within the starry universe.
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Nico showed up soon after. He floated in space and looked at the airship before him. With a flick of his
hand, a phantom palm appeared and swept toward the airship as it continued to grow in size.

Some of the powerhouses on the airship, including the chancellor and elder, quickly acted to withstand
the force.

A powerful force shot out from the airship and into space.

However, the force was completely steamrolled by Nico’s energy.

Nico’s palm attack struck the airship and instantly destroyed it.

Countless men on the airship died pitifully from the impact.

The chancellor and the elder sustained injuries.

Although the chancellor was also a Grand Emperor, he was weaker than Nico.

Grand Emperors of different sub-ranks were not on equal footing. A difference in sub-rank was a world
apart in terms of strength.

“Damn it!”

The chancellor coughed up blood.

His face darkened, and he cursed furiously.

He knew he was against a formidable foe, so he decided not to fight. He forcefully broke through the
sealed space and fled.

Although the chancellor escaped, the other elder was not as lucky. The elder tried to run, but Nico
leaped forth and exploited the opening to seal off his energy.

After sealing the elder, Nico then chased after the chancellor. He followed after the chancellor’s energy
trail but found no trace of him.

Nico was forced to turn back.

Soon, he returned to James with the elder.

Nico causally threw the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Elder on the ground.

“Mr. Caden, I killed most of them and caught one. Unfortunately, the other one escaped. He seemed to
be the leader of these people.”

James looked at the man on the ground and immediately realized the person who escaped was the
one he had fought prior.

He looked at the sealed elder on the ground. James lifted him off the ground and patted the dust off his
clothes, saying softly, “Don’t worry. I won’t harm you.”

The Sanctuary of Darkness Elder looked at James and thought, ‘Is this the person that defeated the
chancellor last time and caused his mission to fail?’

The elder was in disbelief.

James’ energy was incredibly weak and could hardly be considered a powerhouse.

“What’s your name?” asked James.

The Sanctuary of Darkness Elder answered honestly, “Jimmu Melqart.”

James pressed him further. “Who are you working for?”

However, Jimmu refused to answer.

He had recently joined the Sanctuary of Darkness but knew their rules by heart. If he revealed their
secrets, he would be considered a traitor and would be punished.

The consequences were much scarier than death.

“Answer the question!”

Nico had a foul temper. Seeing that Jimmu refused to speak, he was immediately enraged.

He struck Jimmu’s back with his palm. Since Jimmu’s cultivation base was sealed, he could not dodge
and was knocked to the ground.

The impact formed cracks in the ground, and Jimmu sunk into the soil.

Nico picked him up by his hair and said, “Whatever Mr. Caden asks, you answer.”

A wound formed on Jimmu’s back, and blood gushed out. Despite this, he kept his composure.

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