The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3049

Chapter 3049

Jimmu looked at James and said calmly, “If you want to kill me, go ahead.”

James frowned at his reply.

He immediately activated the black inscriptions in his body, and thousands of them materialized
instantly. They thrummed with bizarre power.

“Surely you understand what this is right, right?”

James patiently replied to him. “I’m sure you know how terrifying Curse Magic is, so I’ll give you one
last chance.”

The color drained from Jimmu’s face when he saw the mysterious Curse Inscriptions. “How is this
possible? You shouldn’t be able to do this! How do you know Curse Magic?” he screamed in alarm.

The Curse Inscriptions that James summoned were extraordinary and intricately made.

Jimmu had joined the Sanctuary of Darkness to learn Curse Magic but had only obtained one Curse
Inscription so far. Although he only possessed one, it was already a challenge for him to understand it
because of how profound it was.

On the other hand, James could easily summon tens of thousands of Curse Inscriptions at once, and
every one of these inscriptions was stronger and more profound than the one inscription he had.

James knew Jimmu was panic-stricken by the Curse Inscriptions.

However, James had never actually tried using the Curse Inscriptions and could only summon them out
of his body for now.

James put away the Curse Inscriptions.

Then, he sat at the hall’s entrance and said nonchalantly, “To be honest, I’m not really interested in the
force behind the Sanctuary of Darkness. You can tell me if you want, but it doesn’t matter to me either
way. In my eyes, you’re as insignificant as an ant. I can easily kill you if I want to.”

Although James spoke very casually, his words left Jimmu horrified.
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He knew very well how terrifying Curse Magic was.

Curse Magic was all-encompassing and was capable of unleashing unimaginable evil.

His forehead was soon slick with sweat.

Nico shouted, “Are you still holding your tongue?”

Jimmu was startled by Nico’s commanding tone.

After a while, Jimmu calmed himself before saying, “Okay, I’ll talk.”

Only then did James smile as he asked, “Who are you?”

Jimmu replied, “I’m an elder from the Sanctuary of Darkness.”

Jimmu was not a pushover. He was already a Grand Emperor and had been promoted to an elder
because of his strength.

James further inquired. “What’s the story behind the Sanctuary of Darkness?”

Jimmu shook his head, saying, “I only joined the Sanctuary of Darkness recently, so I don’t know much
about their background.”

James frowned and asked, “Then why did you guys come to this planet?”

Jimmu revealed the truth. “After some investigation, we found many soul sigils on this planet. We came
here to collect them. We planned to use Curse Magic to piece them together to form a powerful evil

Hearing this, James gasped.

He never expected that the Sanctuary of Darkness would come to this planet for such deplorable

“Tell me everything you know about the Sanctuary of Darkness.”

Jimmu glanced at James and said, “I don’t know much about the Sanctuary of Darkness. I only know
that they are a very enigmatic organization that has existed for a long time.

“Having existed for ages, the members of the Sanctuary of Darkness are spread out all over the
realms. Even a powerful sect like the Elixir Pavilion has been infiltrated by members of the Sanctuary of
Darkness. Moreover, they have very high positions in the Elixir Pavilion.”

James was surprised by Jimmu’s report.

He knew the Sanctuary of Darkness was strong but never expected them to be powerful enough to
infiltrate major forces in the Boundless Realm.

What exactly was the Sanctuary of Darkness trying to do?

James could not help asking, “What are they trying to achieve?”

Jimmu replied, “I don’t know. I’m truly in the dark. The only people who know are the core members.
I’m just a new recruit. Although I’m an elder, I’m not considered a core member. This was the first time
I’ve been allowed to join a core mission.”

Hearing this, James fell into silence.

To the side, Nico asked, “What should we do now, Mr. Caden? Should we kill him or…?”

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