The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3053

Chapter 3053

After speaking, Monica immediately kowtowed nine consecutive times.

“I vow always to follow you and to never betray you, Sir.”

At the sight of Monica’s excessive formality, James felt slightly embarrassed.

He had never thought about taking in disciples. Throughout his life, he had only taken one disciple
before this. It was when he was in the Seafolks’ territory on Galileo. He gave a Seafolk named Sheldon
some guidance, and the man kept addressing him as his teacher.

Therefore, technically, Sheldon was also considered one of James’ disciples.

Having officially accepted Monica as a disciple, he felt a bit troubled.

Following the establishment of a discipleship relationship, a teacher must bestow something unto their

However, Monica was already a Quasi-Emperor. Ordinary things were not going to impress her.

James scratched his head pensively.

After a while, he asked, “What Path are you cultivating?”

Monica replied respectfully, “I practice Elemental Art.”

“Elemental Art?”

Monica replied, “Yeah. I have a rare Elemental Body that gives me Elemental Power. During my
Consolidation, the Five Elements in my body fused. After that, I’ve been walking the Elemental Path.

James nodded lightly and said, “Since I’m your teacher, you’ll be in my care from now onward.
Coincidentally, I have a cultivation method suitable for one following the Elemental Path which I’ll pass
on to you. How much you can get out of it is based solely on your capabilities.”

Elemental Inversion was a powerful technique created by the Five Ancestral Masters during the
Primeval Age.

It was an existence comparable to the Heavenly Path.

It was slightly superior to the other Paths but still inferior to the Heavenly Path.

Elemental Inversion required the fusion of the Five Elements of Genesis to wield terrifying strength. It
was still a powerful technique even without the Five Elements.

Monica happened to have an Elemental Body which was suited to practicing the Elemental Inversion.

James casually raised his hand.

At that moment, multicolored lights appeared from his fingertip.

He copied the Elemental Inversion technique and transferred it to Monica’s consciousness.

James had only comprehended the basics of the Elemental Inversion so far and had not understood its
core tenets.

Therefore, he could only copy and pass the raw information to Monica.

At that moment, a huge amount of information appeared in Monica’s mind. The amount of information
was so overwhelming that she was dizzied by it despite being a Quasi-Emperor.

After a while, James finally stopped transmitting to Monica.

Meanwhile, the latter kneeled on the ground in a daze.

Jules was watching them nearby and felt slightly envious of Monica.
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He murmured, “Since James has taken Monica as his disciple, he must have given her a cultivation
method as a gift. I wonder what kind of technique it is. It sure must be something very extraordinary.”

At that moment, he also felt like becoming a disciple of James.

However, he dismissed the thought after properly thinking it through.

After composing herself, Monica’s beautiful face lit up with joy. “Thank you for the gift, Sir! I’ll make sure
to live up to your expectations and devote myself to practicing the Supernatural Power you’ve given

James casually waved his hand and said, “Alright, back on your feet.”

James was not a selfish person who hoarded good things for himself.

The Elemental Inversion was created through the painstaking effort of the Five Ancestral Masters. They
surely would not want it lost and would have hoped for it to be passed on to future generations.

Although James had not known Monica for long, he could tell she was not a wicked person.

She was qualified to learn the Elemental Inversion created by the Five Ancestral Masters.

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