The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3055

Chapter 3055

“The Elixir Pavilion’s influence has grown stronger by the day and it’s about time we get rid of them.”

Hearing this, the chancellor immediately understood the Sanctuary of Darkness’ next target was the
Elixir Pavilion.

He could not help but remark. “Master, the current Master of the Elixir Pavilion is a Grand Emperor at
the Fifth Heaven. They also have a hidden powerhouse at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Stage.
Moreover, they have countless powerful Officials. I’m afraid it will be hard to wipe them out completely.”


The Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master said, “Did you think I wouldn’t know about such things? You don’t
have to worry. Naturally, I’ve already planned for someone to deal with the Elixir Pavilion’s Leader and
Grand Emerporor at the Seventh Heaven. The Sanctuary of Darkness’ Deputy Master will personally
participate in this mission, and you will assist him. Lead all the powerhouses of the Sanctuary of
Darkness on this mission. We must eradicate them.”

“Understood, Sir!” The chancellor nodded repeatedly.

“Alright. You’re dismissed. Go get ready for the mission.”

After the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master finished speaking, the black shadow in the main hall dispersed
into the air.

The chancellor took a sigh of a relief. He stood up and murmured solemnly, “Why is he in such a hurry
to attack the Elixir Pavilion? Can we really defeat the Elixir Pavilion with our current strength?”

The chancellor was not confident in their success.

The Elixir Pavilion was incredibly powerful. The Elixir Pavilion’s Old Master was a Seventh
HeavenGrand Emperor and was acknowledged as the Boundless Realm’s strongest cultivator.

Moreover, information about his cultivation rank was from a few Epochs prior. After such a long period,
it was likely he had progressed to a higher rank.

Additionally, the current Master of the Elixir Pavilion was also a powerful Grand Emperor at the Fifth

Only a handful of cultivators reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven in the Boundless Realm.

Moreover, the Elixir Pavilion recruited many Officials from throughout the Boundless Realm. The
minimum requirement to become an Elixir Pavilion Official was for one to be a Quasi-Emperor. Many
Officials of the Elixir Pavilion were already Grand Emperors.

If they all united, they would be a force to be reckoned with.

Although the Sanctuary of Darkness had taken control of many powerhouses over the years, they were
rescued while in the Cursed World.

The chancellor felt the Master of the Sanctuary of Darkness had made a reckless decision.

Despite holding a high status in the Sanctuary of Darkness, the chancellor could not disobey his Master
and had to carry out the mission.

Even though he was worried the plan would fail, the chancellor knew the Sanctuary of Darkness was a
mysterious organization. Even he had no idea what kind of influential people were part of their

Apart from that, he had never seen the Master’s face.

However, he did know the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Deputy Master was named Tamuuz Darkness.

Tamuuz’s gender was a mystery to the chancellor. He had also never seen Tamuuz’s appearance
despite being part of the Sanctuary of Darkness for a long time.

At the Elixir Pavilion in the Holy Realm, a woman was seated in a lotus position on the cliff at the back
of a mountain.

The mountaintop was allocated to one of the Elixir Pavilion’s Officials as a cultivation sanctuary.

The Official joined the Elixir Pavilion three Epochs ago. She was a extremely capable and a Fifth
Heaven Grand Emperor.

The Official was the strongest person in the Elixir Pavilion and stood on equal footing with the current
Master of the Elixir Pavilion.
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Her purple gown trailed the floor. She had long black hair and delicate facial features but had a frigid

At that moment, a black shadow appeared out of thin air.

The shadow fluttered in front of the woman.

Seeing the dark silhouette, the woman immediately stood up and greeted him. “What brings you here,
Master? This is the Elixir Pavilion. There are powerhouses everywhere here. If you’re discovered, my
identity will be exposed.”


Harsh laughter pierced the air.

“Who can detect me if I keep myself hidden?”

The woman asked, “What’s the purpose of your visit, Master?”

A voice came from the black shadow. “It’s time to take action against the Elixir Pavilion. We shall strike
during their disciple recruitment conference. Our Deputy Master will personally lead powerhouses to lay
siege on the Elixir Pavilion.

“Your mission is to get close to the Elixir Pavilion’s Old Master, Silvester Daniela. Find a chance to
seriously wound him, and incapacitate him.”

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