The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3340

Chapter 3340

No one knew what James had comprehended. Even James was confused. He only knew that he had
cultivated five Ousias and that there were fifteen Ousias in his body.

Aside from that, the Ousias formed by the Five Great Paths were connected to one another, creating a
new power.

The power was extremely strong. It surpassed all the power James currently possessed.

It was just that James could not tell how powerful it was yet since he had not fought with anyone.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Blossom was still blooming. Other than the petals representing the Five Great
Paths, the petals were still dazzling.

As James had already benefited a lot from the Sacred Blossom, he did not continue to cultivate and
comprehend. Instead, he stood up and walked away from the area. He knew that the bloom of the
Sacred Blossom would take a while, so he waited at the Path Sect patiently.

The moment he returned to his arranged quarter, the Path Sect’s powerhouses came to meet him.

One of them was Xbalanque Darby, who wanted to take in disciples, and the other powerhouse was
the Sect Leader of the Path Sect, Xzavier Darius, the elder who asked him to leave moments ago.

The two of them appeared in the courtyard of James’ quarter.

Sitting on the courtyard fence, James had a blade of grass in his mouth. Lazily, he looked at the two
elders who appeared in the courtyard.

“Is there anything you need?” he asked indifferently.

With a bright smile, Xzavier, the Sect Leader of the Path Sect said, “Greetings, I am the Sect Leader of
the Path Sect, Xzavier Darius.”

James had already guessed who was before. He knew that the Sect Leader of the Path Sect was an
Ancestral God. Although he was a Mystical Ancestral God, the lowest rank of the Ancestral God Rank,
he was terrifying as his rank was higher than any of the powerhouses James had met.
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“Greetings, Sect Leader.” After saying that, James hopped off the fence and stood in the courtyard. He
looked at Xzavier and asked, “Is there anything you need?”

Smiling, Xzavier responded, “You truly are unprecedented. It’s your first time seeing the Sacred
Blossom, yet you have comprehended something great.”

“Thank you for your kind words.” James was humble.

Then, Xbalanque said, “The Path Sect is willing to give you the best treasure in exchange for the things
you comprehended from the Sacred Blossom.”

Xzavier nodded and continued, “That’s right. If you have any request, no matter what it is, we will give it
to you.”

It was only then that James understood that the two of them came to meet him merely because they
wanted the things he had comprehended.

With a slight smile, he said, “It isn’t because I’m selfish, but even if I give them to you, you can’t
cultivate them.”

The two were confused.

James explained, “When I watched the Sacred Blossom, I comprehended the Five Great Paths and
cultivated the Five Great Paths Ousia. Even if I give them to you, can you successfully cultivate the



The two exchanged gazes.

Then, Xzavier said, “The Five Great Paths are supreme. Since ancient times, there were a few
powerhouses who comprehended the Five Great Paths. However, they grasped them from the rules of
Heaven and Earth. No one could create a cultivation method. If you could come up with a cultivation
method for the Five Great Paths, we will definitely be grateful to you.”

Even though no Path Sect disciples had succeeded in cultivating the Five Great Paths Ousia, if they
could get their hands on the cultivation method, they would be able to cultivate an Ousia.

An Ousia representing the Five Great Path was extremely powerful. In the same cultivation rank, one
could defeat everyone else.

Thus, when James comprehended the cultivation method of the Five Great Paths, everyone was

At this point, James did not know what heaven-defying cultivation method he comprehended.

It was the cultivation method of the Five Great Paths.

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