The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3342

Chapter 3342

After James had comprehended the Five Great Paths, he felt that there was nothing impressive about
an Ancestral God.

He firmly believed that he could easily defeat an Ancestral God with a little more practice.

However, his cultivation rank remained relatively low, and he still had a long way to go. His next priority
would be to raise his cultivation rank as soon as possible by practicing more.

There was still time before the Sacred Blossom withered. James acted immediately and set up a Time
Formation in the courtyard.

Since he already cultivated a Time Ousia, he had an intricate understanding of the Time Path. His
knowledge even surpassed Emperor Jabari.

If even Emperor Jabari could set up a Time Formation, it would be a piece of cake for James.

James flawlessly set up the formation in no time.

The Time Formation was much more advanced than the one set up by Emperor Jabari in the past.
Moreover, it was also better than the one within the Celestial Abode’s Time Chamber.

Three months inside the Celestial Abode’s Time Chamber was equivalent to one day in the outside

Meanwhile, one day in the outside world was one year within James’ Time Formation.
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James began to cultivate and study his Paths inside the formation.

His Sword Path Ousia had gone through three Consolidations. Thus, he planned to focus on the other

He had to absorb the power of heaven and earth, then strengthen his Ousias so they could go through
another Consolidation.

It would take a long time for ordinary people to cultivate a single Ousia.

Not only would it require the power of heaven and earth to strengthen it, but one would also need a
deep comprehension of Paths. These were the two prerequisites for one’s Ousia to go through

James sat inside the Time Formation and began absorbing the Primordial Energy around him to
enhance his Ousia’s power. At the same time, he was also focused on analyzing the Elemental Path.

Time flowed on unnoticed by James.

James’ comprehension of the Elemental Path grew deeper, and soon, his Elemental Ousia went
through its second Consolidation.

Next, he focused on the Yin and Yang Paths.

Finally, he honed his Curse Path.

All of James’ Ousias had gone through their second Consolidation except for the Dark Ousia.

James wanted to enhance his Dark Ousia but found that the Illuminated World’s power could not be
converted into Dark Power. Therefore, it was impossible for him to refine his Dark Ousia in the
Illuminated World.

He had no choice but to give up on that task for now.

“My Sword Path Ousia has gone through three Consolidations, and aside from the Dark Ousia and the
Five Great Paths, the others have gone through two.”

James closed his eyes and checked how much time had passed.

After a while, he learned that 100 years gone by in the outside world.

He had practiced within the Time Formation for a long time.

One day outside was one year in the formation.

Spending ten days in it was akin to ten years outside.

One year spent cultivating within it turned into 365 years.

Ten years became 3,650 years.

A century turned into 36,500 years.

James had cultivated in the Time Formation for 36,500 years.

He dispersed the Time Formation.

After the Time Formation was dissolved, James saw a beautiful woman in the courtyard. She sat on a
stone chair beside him, propping her head up pensively.

It was Letitia.

Seeing that James had dispersed the Time Formation, she snapped out of her thoughts and stood up.

Letitia walked over to James and asked with a smile. “Are you already done cultivating, James?”

“Yes.” James nodded lightly and looked at her, asking. “What did you learn from inspecting the Sacred
Blossom this time?”

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