The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3344

Chapter 3344

The man in the blue robe approached slowly. The crowd outside the city could sense his intense
murderous intent.

“Woodson Dalick?”

Outside the city, a number of people recognized the man.

“Yeah, that’s him!”

“Woodson is the most outstanding prodigy born in the Path Sect in the past 100,000 years. It’s rumored
that he has four Ousias, all of which had gone through the Third Consolidation.”

“He also has a very stable foundation, and very few in the same cultivation rank as him are able to take
him on. He’s also comparable to those Priests and Priestess from the Human Realm’s Orthodox

The crowd discussed among themselves about Woodson.

Woodson approached and appeared before James the next moment.

James stared at the man and asked calmly. “Is something the matter?”

Woodson stretched out one of his hands and made a beckoning gesture at James.

“Fight me.”

His voice was soft but firm.

James replied lightly. “Why should I?”

Beside him, Letitia said, “Don’t you understand, James? You obtained a super powerful cultivation
method from the Sacred Blossom. This man is probably from the Path Sect. He heard how you
obtained a spot to inspect the Sacred Blossom from participating in the Divine Rank’s Third Stage test.
He’s trying to use you to make a name for himself.”

James’ renown had already spread far and wide.

The entire Katun Realm knew about him.

It would not be long before the whole universe learned about his existence.

James turned to Woodson and asked. “Is that true?”

Woodson did not admit nor deny Letitia’s words.

“Oh boy, this is going to be interesting!”

“I heard it hasn’t even been 100,000 thousand years since Woodson joined the Path Sect, but he has
already shown amazing potential. He has cultivated four Ousias and even mastered the Path Sect’s
signature skill called the Infinite Path Art.”

“James isn’t some Ordinary Joe either. It’s rumored that he acquired knowledge of the Five Great Paths
from the Sacred Blossom and cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias.”

“Taking into account his previous Ousia, he would have at least six Ousias right now.”

“Woodson approached him so quickly because James hasn’t had the chance to improve his Ousias’
strength yet. He wants to defeat James while he’s still weak. Otherwise, he won’t stand a chance when
James grows stronger.”

“True. If he can defeat James now, he’ll be able to flaunt his victory when James becomes a peerless

Many people expressed their opinions.

Woodson remained silent, but the energy emitting from his body grew stronger.

James smiled and said, “People would regard me as a bully if I fought you properly. How about I stand
here and withstand your attacks? If you can hurt me even a little bit, it’ll be counted as your win.”

James’ physical strength was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Stage.

It would be extremely unfair of him if he made a move against a cultivator at the Divine Rank’s Third

Although Woodson had cultivated four Ousias, his strength was incomparable to a First Tribulation
Quasi Emperor’s. To James, his strength was insignificant.
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James was merely stating the truth, but his words sounded like insults to Woodson.

He was the most outstanding prodigy in the Path Sect and could not tolerate such slander.

Woodson was enraged but did not attack.

He looked at James and said, “I admit you’re very talented, James. I only came to challenge you
because I heard your cultivation rank is similar to mine. If you’re afraid to accept my challenge, just say
so. No pressure.”

“Fine.” James smiled.

Since Woodson wanted to fight, James thought it was a good way to pass the time.

“Since it’s a challenge, it would be boring if there’s no stakes involved.” James looked at Woodson with
a smile.

After a brief thought, Woodson replied. “If you lose, you’ll become my follower. Likewise if I lose, I’ll be
your follower.”

“Sure.” James agreed without hesitation.

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