The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3349

Chapter 3349

Letitia did not say much.

While sitting down, James fell into thought.

He came to the Primeval Age to find Thea.

In this age, Thea’s main body was known as Bria Callahan. Thus, James wanted to head to the
Dunnetsk in the Human Realm to look for the Callahans and hopefully find her ther.

Although she would not recognize him, he would feel more at ease after seeing her.

The Saucer kept moving toward their destination.

About three days later, the Saucer stopped moving outside a colossal planet.

The three alighted the Saucer together and floated in space.

Letitia pointed at the planet ahead of them and said, “That’s the Human Realm, the most powerful
planet in this universe. The Human Realm is also divided into several planes of existence, more
commonly known as the Three Dimensions.”

James already knew these facts.

More advanced planets had Three Dimensions—the Mortal Dimension, Sage Dimension, and Divine

Seven advanced planets existed in the Primeval Age and were known as the Seven Realms.

During the Apocalyse Age, only six of them remained. One of the Seven Realms was rumored to have
been destroyed by the Ancestral Sword Master.

Letitia continued. “The Human Realm has countless powerhouses. Even the Macrocosm Ancestral
God’s Orthodox Faction, Mount Heaven Path, is situated on Earth in the Human Realm.”

James responded. “You two can head to Mount Sword God first.”

Letitia asked. “When will you arrive at Mount Sword God?”

James shook his head lightly and said, “I’m not sure either, but I’ll definitely be there before the
Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture.”

Relieved, Letitia replied. “Then, I’ll depart first.”

After speaking, Letitia traversed through space and approached Earth ahead of them without paying
any attention to Ximun.

“See you soon, James!”

Ximun quickly bid farewell to James, and followed after Letitia as he shouted, “Wait for me!!!”

James floated in space and looked at the Earth before him.

Although it was Earth, none of the people he knew existed in this age.

After staring absently for a while, James stepped forward and approached the planet. With just a few
steps, he entered the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension.

The power of heaven and earth in the Human Realm was several times greater than in other realms.

The space between heaven and earth inside the Human Realm was also very stable.

After James entered a random city, he bought a detailed map of the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Then, he headed to a desolate area and reviewed the map. After careful observation, James had a
better understanding of the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension.

The Callahans were located in Dunnetsk.

Dunnetsk was a prosperous region within the Divine Dimension, where many powerful sects and
families were based.

Amongst them, the Callahans were the most influential.

The Callahans’ Grand Patriarch was a Terra Ancestral God.

In the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension, a Terra Ancestral God was considered a powerhouse.
However, they were not regarded as top powerhouses. Thus, the Callahans were only a mediocre
family in the past.

It was not until the recent generation that the Callahans’ strength skyrocketed.

The Callahans had eight daughters.

All of them were prodigies and each were incredibly powerful.

The strongest among them was the youngest daughter—Brianna Callahan.

To outsiders, she was known as Bria.

She outperformed every other prodigy of her generation and became the best in the universe.

In just one Epoch, she became a Caelum Ancestral God and one of the universe’s top ten

Although an Epoch was 4,900,000,000 years and seemed like a very long time, it was but a moment to
legendary powerhouses. It was a commendable achievement for one to become a Caelum Ancestral
God in just one Epoch.

According to the data James had, five Epochs had passed since Bria had become a Caelum Ancestral

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