The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3352

Chapter 3352

The two words were magnificent and contained mysterious Path Energy. It was evidently carved by a

James strode over to the gate.


A loud shout boomed down at James.

Immediately afterward, several of the Callahans’ guards walked out and obstructed his path.

About seven or eight of them stood in his way. One of them glanced at James and said, “The
Callahans’ residence lies beyond this point. Outsiders aren’t permitted to enter.”

Knowing that every family and sect had their own rules, James did not argue with the guards. Besides,
he was not strong enough to force his way through.

He parted his lips and said, “I heard the Callahans’ eldest daughter had been injured. I came to treat
her wounds. Quickly report my visit. If you are found delaying her treatment, you won’t be able to bear
the consequences.”

The guards were not members of the Callahans and were mere guards recruited into the family.

Although very few dared to act against the Callahans, these guards handled many trivial and
troublesome issues.

The Callahans’ guards were at relatively high cultivation ranks and could immediately sense James’
cultivation rank with a glance. One of the guards immediately sneered at him, saying, “You want to treat
the eldest daughter? Are you insane, young man? Hurry up and get lost.”

The eldest young lady was injured by a Terra Ancestral God, and even Bria was unable to treat her
wounds. How could a low-ranked cultivator like James save her?

These guards did not believe him.

To them, James was here to bother them.

James was sensible and understood they would not believe him.

Therefore, he began devising a plan to cause a commotion to attract one of the Callahans’ attention.

“I’m telling the truth.”

James said earnestly, “I really came to treat the eldest young lady. I heard the Callahans have sent
people to find the Ancestral Needle Master. To tell you the truth, I’m a direct disciple of the Ancestral
Needle Master. I’m fully capable of treating her wounds.”
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“You’re a disciple of the Ancestral Needle Master?”

The guards looked at James doubtfully.

James replied. “Yeah. My teacher is in seclusion and won’t be leaving any time soon. He specifically
sent me here to treat her. Hurry and announce my arrival. Also, get someone with more authority here.”

James made up some nonsense.

He planned to lie his way through as much as he could. If it did not work, he would have no choice but
to fight.

Since the matter was related to the Callahans’ eldest daughter, the guards did not dare to act rashly
either. One of the guards replied. “Wait here. I’ll go report your visit immediately.”

James waited patiently outside the Callahan Residence’s mountain gate.

After patiently waiting for a while, the guard returned with a beautiful young woman.

The woman wore a pink dress and looked to be in her 20s.

She had a slender figure and a dainty face. She exuded an innocent demeanor.

The guard addressed her respectfully. “Ms. Lanathia, this man claims to be a direct disciple of the
Ancestral Needle Master.”

The woman was none other than Lana Callahan, the sixth sister among the Callahan daughters.

The Callahans called her Lanathia. Outside, she went by the name Lana Callahan. As for her real
name, she never revealed it to others.

Lana’s beautiful eyes scanned James. She asked doubtfully, “Are you a disciple of the Ancestral
Needle Master?”

“Yeah.” James knew the woman was most likely one of the Callahan sisters.

Their eldest sister was a Mystical Ancestral God. Rumors were that the Callahan sisters were beautiful
and talented. Thus, he was sure the woman before him was also an Ancestral God.

Lana stared at James and said, “I don’t have time to waste with your nonsense, brat. Did you think I’d
believe you just because you claim to be the Ancestral Needle Master’s disciple?”

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