The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3356

Chapter 3356

“Ancestral God Herschel’s real name is Herschel Theophanes. He’s from Mount Heavenly Path. I won’t
go into detail about his identity, or else I might scare you.”

Danielle began to share a bit of information about the Ancestral God Herschel.

James caught onto some crucial information and asked. “He’s from Mount Heavenly Path, and his
surname is Theophanes. He must be related to the Macrocosm Ancestral God, Hadad Theophanes,
right? Is he Hadad’s son?”

Danielle smiled in response.

James frowned impatiently and said, “Don’t tease me. Answer the question.”

Danielle chuckled. “You sure are hot-headed. Herschel is a powerhouse that has been well-known for
many Epochs. He has reached the true pinnacle of every cultivation rank and is incredibly powerful.”

“The pinnacle of every cultivation rank? That’s quite the feat.”

“Although he is only a Terra Ancestral God, he is extremely strong and can even take on a Caelum
Ancestral God.

“Briana and Herschel’s relationship goes way back. I won’t be able to explain everything to you, but, in
short, Herschel likes Briana. However, she doesn’t return his feelings.”

James heaved a relieved sigh.

Danielle said, “No man in this world dares to court Briana because of Herschel.”

Her words reassured James.

He was not worried actually worried about Herschel.

While James spoke with Danielle, Lana finally arrived at Thea’s seclusion sanctuary.

Inside a courtyard house on a mountain, a woman wearing a blue dress sat on a mat as powerful
energy emerged from her body.
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It was none other than Thea. To be precise, it was Thea’s main body. The Ancestral God Rank Elixir
was made with a trace of her soul extracted from her main body.

At that moment, Thea’s eyes were slightly shut.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in her mind.

The figure was facing away from her. No matter how hard she tried to see his face, his facial features
were always obscured.

Thea abruptly snapped back to reality.

Her chest heaved upon snapping out of the thought.

She murmured, “It’s him again.”

The figure would occasionally pop into her mind since she was a child. In the past Epochs, the man’s
figure had appeared several times.

However, she could never clearly see the man’s appearance.

“It has already been about an Epoch since he last appeared in my mind. I thought he would never
appear again, but he did.

“Who exactly is this man? Why has he shown up in my thoughts ever since I was a child? Every time
I’m about to forget about his existence, his image pops up again.”

Thea frowned.

The man in her thoughts had been a mystery to her for ages.

Even after she became a Caelum Ancestral God and one of the strongest people in the universe, she
still could not figure out his identity.


A voice came from outside the room.

Thea got up, opened the door, and walked outside.

Lana immediately walked over and said, “You’re already out of seclusion? Great! Come with me! We
need to save Daniel”

Taken aback, Thea asked, “What happened?”

“I’ll tell you on the way.”

James chatted with Danielle for a while.

Although Danielle was an Ancestral God, she was not conceited. James had fun talking with her.

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