The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3357

Chapter 3357

Soon, Lana returned accompanied by a beautiful woman.

Knock, knock, knock.

The sound of knocks resounded, then the door swung open. Two women walked into the room. James
immediately stood up and turned to the two women.

His gaze was drawn to the woman standing behind Lana.

James felt as if his heart had stopped beating upon catching glimpse of her.
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‘It’s her! It’s really, Thea!’

James was ecstatic.

Immediately afterward, his heart began to race. Suddenly, his emotions overwhelmed him. He walked
over and called out. “Thea.”

Before he could get close to Thea, he was knocked away by a mysterious force. His body slammed on
the ground, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Thea wore a blue dress. She was tall and slender. Her gorgeous face, however, was cold. She looked
at James, who was coughing up blood on the ground.

“Who’s he?”

Thea asked coldly, evidently repulsed by James’ impulsive behavior.

Lana immediately replied. “He’s a disciple of the Ancestral Needle Master. His name is James Caden.
He’s here to treat Danielle’s injuries.”

Thea already knew about how her eldest sister had gotten injured.

She ignored James and walked over to check on Danielle’s condition. Her brows furrowed as she said,
“It’s indeed the power of the Destruction Path. The only thing that can expel the Destructive Power is

James got back to his feet.

Although he had been wounded, he was not bothered.

James looked at Thea with a bright smile.

He finally found her! His effort to travel from the future to the Primeval Age was not in vain.

James was relieved to see that Thea was well and alive.

Thea looked at James, stretched her hand, and said, “Hand it over.”

Startled, James asked. “What do you mean?”

Thea said coldly, “Crucifier. Give it to me.”

James took out Crucifier without hesitation and handed it over to Thea. After passing it over, he
suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “Wait, Thea. I think it’s best you return it to me.”

“Who are you to call my name?” Thea glared at James icily.

James immediately felt imprisoned by a mysterious force and was immobilized.

His body felt as if it was being torn apart.

“Briana, don’t be rude.” Danielle promptly reminded her.

Only then did Thea back off.

James was relieved.

Thea held Crucifier and ordered him. “Tell me how to use it.”

At that moment, a powerful force struck her.

The sudden crushing force startled Thea.

A mysterious halo suddenly appeared around her body to resist the force. Then, she quickly threw
Crucifier back to James.

As soon as Thea tossed Crucifier back to James, the Karma Power immediately shot at James.

James was injured by the force and spat out blood, falling back to the ground. He quickly put away
Crucifier and sat in a lotus position to heal his wounds.

The Karma Power caused the Heavenly Path’s injuries to resurface. James was in excruciating pain,
and his forehead was slick with sweat.

“Karma Power.” Danielle and Lana uttered simultaneously and turned to Thea, asking. “What’s going

Thea shook her head and replied. “I don’t know either. However, I can tell that the Karma Power struck
because of Crucifier.”

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