The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3362

Chapter 3362

Lana left the courtyard where James stayed.

As soon as she left, the smile on her face was replaced with a tense expression. She quickened her
pace and hurried toward the mountain range where Danielle lived.

Danielle was seated in a lotus position on her bed as she tried to suppress the Destructive Power in
her body.


The door opened, and Lana walked inside the room.

Danielle asked. “How did it go? Are the rumors true?”

Lana sat down, nodded, and said, “Yeah, the rumors are true. James does indeed have the Ancestral
Sword Master’s sword. He also cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias. Moreover, he…”

Lana wanted to tell her that James had cultivated more than ten Ousias but held her tongue after
recalling the promise she made to James about keeping it a secret.

Danielle inquired. “What else?”

“Nothing.” Lana shook her head.

Danielle began to consider the information she obtained. After a while, she said, “He’s the Ancestral
Sword Master’s disciple and has also cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias. On top of that, he
possesses Crucifer. Given time, he will surely become one of the greatest cultivators in the universe.”

Lana asked, “What should we do? Should we let him go or continue keeping him here? If the Ancestral
Sword Master persecutes us for our actions, it would be detrimental to the Callahans.”

Danielle sighed and replied. “Let’s make plans after Briana returns.”

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Lana did not say anything more.

After James was confined within the Callahan Residence, he could not leave.

However, he was not in a rush and waited patiently.

He began to cultivate and study the Time Path.

His Time Path was about to go through its second Consolidation.

James set up a Time Formation and began to analyse the Time Path more deeply.

A hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.

Thea had left the Callahan Residence for a hundred years. She traveled the world looking for the
Ancestral Needle Master, who had been wandering the world to train. Fortunately, Thea was a Caelum
Ancestral God with great strength, so it was not difficult for her to locate him.

Thea sat in the highest seat in the Callahan Residence’s main hall. Sitting below her was an old man in
a white robe. He had long white hair and a long white beard. The old man had a very unearthly aura
and radiated a quiet might.


Although Thea was a Caelum Ancestral God and was one of the top ten powerhouses of the universe,
she addressed the old man respectfully. The old man was a well-known powerhouse for a very long


“My eldest sister, Danielle, was injured by Benji Lowther. Her body is tainted with his Destructive
Power. We need your help to treat her.”

The old man was none other than the Ancestral Needle Master, a legendary powerhouse with a long-
standing reputation.

The Ancestral Needle Master was also a Caelum Ancestral God. Despite not being one of the
strongest people in the universe, he was definitely a figure worthy of the highest respect.

He stroked his white beard lightly and said, “Thank you for your courtesy. As a medical practitioner, it’s
my duty to save lives and heal the wounded. However, I’m incapable of using Crucifier right now.”

Thea looked at the Ancestral Needle Master and asked. “Why is that so?”

The Ancestral Needle Master said solemnly, “I’m not too sure why. It started a hundred years ago. My
prized Crucifier started acting abnormally. It showed signs of disintegrating whenever I tried to use it
and was seemingly trying to repel something.”

Immediately, Thea thought of James.

After she found the Ancestral Needle Master, she brought him directly to the Callahan Residence.

She had not had the chance to tell the Ancestral Needle Master about James yet.

Thea asked. “Do you possibly have a direct disciple named James Caden?”

“James Caden?”

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