The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3366

Chapter 3366

James was curious about Sienna’s condition.

The Callahan sisters were very powerful, especially the younger ones.

Sienna was only second to Thea, so what could cause a powerhouse like her to suffer an Energy


Lana sighed helplessly after mentioning Sienna.

“Sienna is an incredibly talented cultivator. She was just as full of potential as Briana. However, she
accidentally wandered into an unknown place and disappeared from our universe before becoming an
Ancestral God.
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“She returned an Epoch later but had already been corrupted. Her body was mangled, and her bones
were already exposed by the time she came back home.

“Fortunately, her physical body has almost completely recovered after recuperating over the years.
However, her soul is severely damaged and is unable to restore itself that easily. Even the most
miraculous medicine in the universe might not be able to heal her.”

Hearing Lana’s description of Sienna’s encounter, a place immediately came to James’ mind— the
Dark World.

“Could she have wandered into the Dark World?”

Lana shook her head slightly and said, “I don’t know. There aren’t any records of this unknown place in
our ancient books. When Sienna regained consciousness, she told us the place was pitch black. In the
depths of that place was a powerhouse that was as strong as a Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

Hearing this cemented James’ suspicions that the place was indeed the Dark World.

He knew very little of the Dark World and only knew that it was like a parallel dimension of the universe.
Perhaps, it might be the Twelve Universes’ other dimension.

A creature with a physical body could not linger in the Dark World for long.

“Could I examine her?” James was interested in Sienna’s condition.

He wanted to see what Sienna had become like after staying in the Dark World for an extended period.

Lana said, “It’s best not to see her. Although Sienna is corrupted, she occasionally regains lucidity. She
doesn’t want outsiders disturbing her.”

“What if I can possibly treat her condition?” asked James.

“Huh?” Lana was slightly taken aback and looked at James doubtfully.

“You’re saying you can treat her? Are you kidding me? Sienna’s cultivation progress was greatly
affected by her condition, and she hadn’t yet stepped into the Ancestral God Rank. However, she is still
a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor. Her condition is so bad that even Briana can’t do anything. What can
you do?”

James replied. “I’ll have to see her first before I know whether I can treat her.”

Lana contemplated his proposal.

James had very mysterious origins, and it was possible he might have the means to treat Sienna.

After thinking about it, she said, “In that case, I’ll bring you over to check on her.”

“This way, please.”

Lana led James toward the mountain ahead.

The mountain was surrounded by a formation, which was set up by a powerful member of the
Callahans. After Sienna was corrupted, she often wandered aimlessly and unwittingly injured other
disciples of the Callahans.

Therefore, they set up a formation to trap Sienna within the mountain.

Lana and James arrived at the mountain foot after passing through the formation.

There was a winding mountain road ahead of them.

Lana led James up the mountain along the mountain road. Soon, they arrived at the top.

A cage was constructed atop the mountain. It was enormous and was made out of special materials.

Moreover, there was another formation set up around the cage.

The cage was so strong that an Ancestral God would find great difficulty in escaping it if they were to
be trapped in it.

A woman sat in a lotus position within the cage.

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