The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3367

Chapter 3367

The woman in the cage wore a white dress that seemed fairly clean. Her long black hair covered her
face, making it hard to see.

Only her lovely figure was visible.

As soon as James got close, he sensed powerful Dark Power coming from her. Despite being familiar
with it, James was shocked at how terrifyingly potent the Dark Power was.

Seeing Sienna’s condition, Lana’s pretty face was full of sadness.

“Sigh. My poor sister has gone through a lot. She wouldn’t have suffered an Energy Deviation if she
hadn’t wandered into that unknown world. With her potential, she would’ve already become a Caelum
Ancestral God by now. I’m sure she’d be on par with Briana.”

At that moment, the woman trapped inside the cage sensed their presence. She stood up abruptly, and
a hostile aura erupted from her.

She reached out and clawed through the cage bars.

Her powerful force left marks on the bars.

James finally caught a glimpse of her face.

She had a clean and beautiful face. However, her eyes were crimson, and she radiated a malicious
aura, giving her the impression of a ferocious beast.

“Calm down, Sienna. It’s me, Lanathia.”

Lana spoke gently to her.

However, the woman trapped inside the cage seemed to not hear her words.

Sienna kept charging at the cage and trying to break out of it.

After struggling for a long time, she was still unable to free herself.

Gradually, she calmed down and returned to a lotus position.

Lana looked at James and asked, “What do you think? Do you know how to treat her?”

James gently shook his head.

He could sense that Sienna possessed very potent Dark Power in her body. However, that was all he
could discern from her for now.
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James asked, “Lana, could you subdue her and knock her unconscious for a bit? I must enter the cage
to examine her before I can be sure.”

Lana said, “I know her condition quite well. When she regained consciousness for a bit, she mentioned
that she had to cultivate the power of that unknown world. Therefore, she developed a cultivation
method and absorbed the power from that world, which is likely the Dark Power you mentioned.

“After cultivating it for a while, she ended up like this.

“The Dark Power destroyed her body and corrupted her soul.

“Briana said the only way to cure her was to eliminate the Dark Power in her body. However, the power
is incredibly unstable, and even Briana failed to get rid of it.

“Sienna had cultivated Dark Power. If she were to disperse her Dark Power, she’d also lose her life.”

Hearing this, James was shocked.

“She’s genius to have created a cultivation method to absorb Dark Power.”

James knew that Emperor Jabari had tried to create one in the past, but never succeeded.

The only reason he could cultivate Dark Power was because of the cultivation method left by Yukia.

Lana looked at James and said, “That’s all we know of her condition. Do you have a way to treat her?”

After she asked James, Lana found the situation mildly amusing.

None of the members of the Callahans could do anything to help Sienna, so how could a cultivator at
the Divine Rank like James do anything?

“Let’s go. We shouldn’t disturb her any longer and leave her alone.”

Lana sighed helplessly and turned to leave.

Suddenly, James said, “I might have a way to treat her.”

Lana halted in her tracks and looked at James in shock. Then, she asked. “What?! Did you say you can
treat her?”

James nodded lightly and said, “To be honest, I’ve also been to the Dark World before and have
cultivated a Dark Ousia. I’m able to absorb Dark Power. Perhaps I can absorb the Dark Power in her
body, and allow her to recover.”

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