The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3369

Chapter 3369

Thea froze for a moment.

After a while, she shook her head lightly and thought, ‘That’s impossible. The figure that’s been
lingering in my thoughts couldn’t be James.

‘…But how can they look so similar?’

Thea stared at James’ back for a while and closed her eyes.

The figure immediately appeared in her mind.

She opened her eyes and looked at James again.

‘They really do look identical. Could it really be him?’
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Thea was confused.

“What’s wrong, Briana?”

A voice came from behind her.

Thea immediately straightened herself and replied. “I-It’s nothing. The Ancestral Sword Master is going
to be giving a lecture soon. He invited me to Mount Sword God, so I’ll head out for a bit.”

After speaking, Thea turned to leave.

Meanwhile, James was still focused on comprehending the Dark Path.

The Curse Inscriptions held intricate and profound knowledge.

James obtained a lot of knowledge from the Curse Inscriptions. He could sense the Principles of
Space, Life, and Death.

In short, all kinds of Paths of the Illuminated World could be gleaned from the Curse Inscriptions.

“How is this possible?” James was puzzled.

Could the so-called Curse Magic be the collection of the Dark World’s Laws?

James began trying to overcome the second Consolidation.

He wanted to confirm whether his understanding was correct.

As he went through Consolidation, he rapidly absorbed the Dark Power from Sienna’s body. The Dark
Power entered his body and fed the Dark Ousia.

Soon, James successfully prevailed through Consolidation.

“It worked.”

James took a deep breath and said, “It’s just as I expected. Curse Magic is related to the Dark World
and might even be the collection of the Dark World’s Laws.”

“How did the Ancestral Talisman Master learn of the Dark World’s cultivation method?

“He said the Macrocosm Ancestral God from the Eleventh Universe taught him Curse Magic. Could the
Eleventh Universe’s Macrocosm Ancestral God be from the Dark World?”

James had many questions.

However, there was no one to answer them for now.

James did not continue to dwell on it and focused on absorbing the Dark Power as well as deepening
his comprehension of the Dark Path.

His Dark Ousia continued to grow stronger.

The Dark Power in Sienna’s body was extremely concentrated. James had only absorbed a little bit so
far. If he could absorb all of it, his Dark Ousia could be raised to the Quasi Emperor Rank.

As for what stage he could reach in the Quasi Emperor Rank, he could not be sure for now.

Ten years passed in the blink of an eye. In that time, James had cultivated in the Time Formation for
over 3000 years.

At that moment, the power of his Dark Ousia was already close to the third Consolidation.

As James comprehended the Curse Inscriptions, his Curse Ousia’s power improved rapidly and
passed the second Consolidation. His Curse Ousia was also close to the third Consolidation.

Suddenly, Sienna slowly opened her eyes.

The crimson in her eyes faded away, and her eyes returned to normal.

However, she was confused by the sight before her.

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