The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3371

Chapter 3371

As expected of a prodigy. Sienna could quickly comprehend the Curse Inscriptions.

James felt inferior compared to Sienna.

Lana had been outside guarding the formation all this while.

She was deep in thought when she suddenly realized that James had stopped cultivating and Sienna
had already stood up. The two were talking inside the formation.

After a brief shock, she walked into the Time Formation.


Hearing the voice, Sienna turned around and smiled brightly. She called out, “Lanathia!”

James dispersed the Time Formation.

Lana looked at Sienna and asked, “Have you fully recovered?”

Sienna nodded and said, “Yeah. The Dark Power in my body won’t cause any negative effects
anymore. By the way…”

She turned to James, who was standing aside, and asked, “Who is he?”

Lana explained, “His name is James Caden. He specifically came here to save you.”

Sienna looked at James and said gratefully, “I’m indebted to you. If not for you, I would’ve still been
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“I’m just glad you’re fine.” James smiled lightly.

James was interested in Sienna’s experience in the Dark World and wanted to hear about her

Sienna suddenly remembered something and asked, “By the way, what were the inscriptions floating
around you just now? Could it be the Heaven’s Law of the Dark World? Are you a creature from the
Dark World?”

James replied smilingly, “How could it be the Heaven’s Law of the Dark World? It’s Curse Magic, the
Ancestral Talisman Master’s Secret Art.”

Hearing this, Sienna was taken aback.

Lana sensed that the two should be left alone and said, “I’ll leave you guys to chat. I’m leaving to
inform Danielle about this.”

After speaking, she left.

James nodded and said, “Yeah. I could only cultivate a Dark Ousia because of Curse Magic.”

Sienna asked, “You must’ve also been to the Dark World before, right?”

James nodded and said, “Yeah. What exactly did you experience in the Dark World?”

Sienne harked back to the past. After a while, she said, “Back then, I accidentally wandered into the
Dark World. I got lost and couldn’t find a way to leave. My body was constantly corrupted by the Dark
Power there. To survive, I had to cultivate Dark Power. However, I encountered a problem and suffered
an Energy Deviation. I’ve been demonized all these years.”

After speaking, she glanced at James and said, “I’m very grateful to you. Thank you for saving me,

When she smiled, two shallow dimples formed on her cheeks. Her smile was beautiful and sweet.

James also replied smilingly, “My Dark Ousia could go through the third Consolidation because I
absorbed the Dark Power from your body. You won’t blame me for taking your Dark Power for free,

“How could I? If not for you, I’d still be demonized.”

The two chatted for a while.

Sienna sat on a rock on the ground. She felt completely relaxed.

“Although I’ve been demonized all these years, I still remember everything. I’ve been trapped in this
cage for countless years. Now, I’m finally free.”

Sienna stood up and stretched her body.

“From now onward, I’m going to keep flying.”

She turned around and looked at James. Then, she smiled mischievously and asked, “Would you like
to travel the universe with me?”

“Huh?” James was slightly taken aback.

Then, he replied smilingly, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to. You’re a peerless powerhouse and a Ninth
Heaven Grand Emperor. With your potential, you’ll become a Quasi Ancestral God very soon.
Eventually, you’ll become an Ancestral God and one of the universe’s most outstanding cultivators.

“Meanwhile, I’m just a weakling. I’m not even a Quasi-Emperor yet. I’m not qualified to accompany you
on your journey.”

Sienna said smilingly, “It doesn’t matter to me. Besides, I have excellent judgment of people. You’re
outstanding and will surely have great achievements in the future.”

James scratched his head embarrassedly and replied smilingly, “You’re flattering me, Ms. Sienna.”

Sienna smiled and said, “You don’t have to be so formal with me. Just call me Sienna.”

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