The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3373

Chapter 3373

James stayed in the Callahan Residence for a few more days.

Several days later, he was ready to leave. This time, Sienna would be traveling with him. He was
reluctant to travel together because he could tell that Sienna harbored some feelings for him.
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Sienna was Thea’s sister, so he was unwilling to have any sort of intimate relationship with her.

However, he could not do anything since Sienna insisted.

The two left the CallaHan Residence together.

The Human Realm’s Divine Dimension was huge.

The Callahans were situated in Dunnetsk. Meanwhile, Mount Sword God was located in the Sword

All those in the Sword Realm were Sword Cultivators.

The Sword Realm was one of the strongest places in the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension.

The journey to the Sword Realm was pretty short. With Sienna’s strength, she could arrive there in no
time. James could also easily tear open a spatial passage to head directly to the Sword Realm.

However, Sienna insisted on roaming the Divine Dimension since they still had a few decades until the
lecture. She wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery so she could have a better understanding of
Cultivation Paths.

James had no choice but to follow her and take a longer time to reach their destination.

The two took their time and arrived at the Sword Realm just three years before the Ancestral Sword
Master’s lecture.

As soon as they got close to the Sword Realm, James sensed the potent Sword Intent in the area. In a
trance, he saw substantial Sword Energies in the clouds above him.

Sienna said, “After we pass through this mountain, we’ll arrive at the Sword Realm. There are many
sects and families in the Sword Realm, all of which are mainly Sword Cultivators. Because of the
Ancestral Sword Master, many powerful Sword Cultivators have risen from the Sword Realm. Every
once in a while, the Ancestral Sword Master will hold public lectures and attract many powerful Sword
Cultivators from all over the universe to Mount Sword God.”

The Callahans were also considered a prominent family in the Human Realm.

As for Sienna, her talent was only second to Thea’s in the Callahans. Therefore, she was very

If she had not accidentally entered the Dark World and become demonized because of Dark Power,
she would have been a Caelum Ancestral God by now.

Sienna explained a few things about the Sword Realm to James.

From Sienna, James learned about a few powerful sects and families in the Sword Realm.

“The most lively place in the Sword Realm is Sword City.”

“In Sword City, there are about ten sects and eight families that cultivate in the Sword Path. All
eighteen of these forces have at least one member who’s a Sword Cultivator that has reached the
Ancestral God Rank. There are also many talented Sword Cultivators.”

While speaking, she cast a glance at James.

Then, she asked, “How skilled are you in the Sword Path?”

James shook his head lightly and said, “I’m mediocre. I’ve only gone through three Consolidations and
don’t know when I will reach the Quasi Emperor Rank. If lucky, I might enter the Quasi Emperor Rank
after listening to the Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture.”

At James’ current level, cultivating blindly would not work.

What he needed was more knowledge.

If his comprehension ability was strong enough, he could improve rapidly.

However, he might never proceed to the next rank in this lifetime if his comprehension ability was bad.

Sienna did not stay on the topic anymore and said, “Let’s go.”

The two advanced again, heading toward the capital city of the Sword Realm.

Mount Sword God was not far from the Sword Realm. Therefore, many of those that came to listen to
the Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture had gathered in the city, waiting for the day of the lecture.

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