The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3374

Chapter 3374

James and Sienna arrived in the Sword Realm’s capital, Sword City.

The city had a long history, and countless Sword Cultivators were in the area. Over twenty Sword
Cultivators in the city had entered the Ancestral God Rank.

After arriving at Sword City, James did not stay long. Instead, he headed directly toward Mount Sword
God nearby the city.

Since the Ancestral Sword Master’s lecture had not begun, it was difficult for outsiders to enter Mount
Sword God under normal circumstances. However, Sienna was a talented cultivator from the

Moreover, Thea had already arrived at Mount Sword God in advance. After learning that Sienna had
also come to Mount Sword God, some of the elders personally came to welcome her.

The Elders arranged a temporary accommodation on Mount Sword God for James and Sienna.

On Mount Sword God, a man sat on a rock with a straw in his mouth as he enjoyed the beautiful

At that moment, a woman walked over and knelt on one knee. “Young Master, Thea has arrived on
Mount Sword God. James has also shown up with Sienna.”

“Oh?” Herschel was slightly taken aback.

He asked, “Isn’t Sienna demonized and locked up in the Callahan Residence? Why is she wandering

The woman replied, “I haven’t acquired the details yet, but I’ve learned that the Callahans seem to be
on friendly terms with James.”

The man stood up and stretched his body. With a lazy expression, he murmured, “Thea finally left
seclusion to visit Mount Sword God. It seems I’ll have to go out for a walk too. This James knows that
Thea is my woman, yet he called her by her real name. I’m the only person that can use her name. It’s
time he disappeared.”

After speaking, Herschel’s body flickered and disappeared.

The next moment, he appeared outside Mount Sword God’s gates.

Although Herschel was a prominent figure from Mount Heavenly Path, he did not dare to casually enter
Mount Sword God. After appearing outside the mountain gates, he followed the visitation procedures of
Mount Sword God.

“M-Mr. Herschel.”

When Herschel appeared, the disciples from Mount Sword God that were standing guard were startled.
They did not dare neglect their hospitality toward him and quickly rushed to welcome him.

One of the disciples immediately led him to Mount Sword God.

Herschel immediately activated his Divine Sense and located Thea. After entering Mount Sword God,
he disappeared in a flash.

The next moment, he was outside the main hall on one of the mountains.

Several Mount Sword God’s Elders chatted with Thea inside the main hall.


Suddenly, a white light emerged, and a man appeared before them.

Seeing the uninvited guest, the elders immediately stood up and greeted him respectfully.

“Mr. Herschel, what brings you here?”

Herschel did not reply to the elders. Instead, his eyes were fixated on Thea, and a faint smile formed
on his face. He greeted her, “Long time no see, Thea.”

Thea felt disgusted by Herschel, but he was still Mount Heavenly Path’s Young Master. Eventually, he
would become the master of the universe. Thus, she did not express her dissatisfaction and nodded
lightly in response to him.

Herschel had already gotten used to Thea’s indifference.

He found a chair, sat down, and crossed his legs. Then, he asked casually, “Do you know James

Thea glanced at Herschel solemnly and replied, “He’s a guest of the Callahans. Don’t you dare touch

Herschel was dissatisfied by Thea’s words.

The more Thea cared about James, the more he wanted to kill James.
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During this time, he had looked into James’ background. He learned that James had comprehended
the Five Great Paths and even cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias. James was indeed a rare

“I heard he’s at Mount Sword God right now.”

Herschel looked at an elder in front of him indifferently and ordered, “Bring James Caden to me.”

Mount Sword God’s Elder did not dare to disobey his order.

Thea glanced at Herschel coldly.

At that moment, James was in a courtyard on Mount Sword God.

He sat on the courtyard fence and sensed his surroundings.

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