The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3378

Chapter 3378

James hurriedly left. For now, the most important thing was to survive.

There were still many things he had not accomplished, and he refused to die so soon.

Herschel was determined to kill him. Thus, even when the Ancestral Sword Master, Thea, and other
powerhouses stepped forward to stop Herschel, it was useless.

However, Herschel promised not to take action himself but would instead send powerhouses to hunt

James’ physical strength was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. The powerhouses sent to
hunt James down would be two ranks higher at most, equivalent to a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor.

Moreover, James would not be hunted by just one person but by thousands or even tens of thousands
of powerhouses.

James planned to escape quickly and stay in hiding for ten thousand years. He just had to make it
through the time limit to be safe.

In Mount Sword God’s main hall, the Ancestral Sword Master cast a glance at Herschel and
disappeared without saying a word.

Herschel looked at Thea and said smilingly, “Thea, I’ll take my leave first. After I deal with James, I’ll go
to the Callahan Residence to ask for your forgiveness.”

After speaking, Herschel also left.

Only a few elders, Thea, and Sienna were left in the main hall.

Sienne said worriedly, “Brianna, hurry and think of something. Although James has great potential, his
cultivation rank is still very low. How is he going to hide? If this hunt really goes on, he won’t survive ten
thousand years.”

Thea said helplessly, “What can I do? He’s Mount Heavenly Path’s Young Master. Moreover, he’s the
son of the Lord of the Universe and will eventually become the successor to his father. Who in this
universe can stand against him? Although I’m strong, I won’t be able to protect him forever. It’s up to
him to survive this hunt.”

“Huff,” Sienna sighed.

Meanwhile, Herschel returned to Mount Heavenly Path.

After returning to Mount Heavenly Path, he announced the order for the powerhouses to hunt and kill

“All living beings under the Grand Emperor’s Eighth Heaven can go after James Caden and kill him
Whoever kills James will be accepted as a disciple of Mount Heavenly Path and will be given
permission to access our library chamber, regardless of race.”

Herschel sent out an announcement from Mount Heavenly Path.

Mount Heavenly Path was the universe’s core region and the best cultivation location for countless
races. Many creatures and living beings were eager to enter Mount Heavenly Path.

Therefore, many powerhouses paid close attention to Mount Heavenly Path’s every move.

Herschel’s announcement spread throughout the Human Realm almost instantly and also reached
different parts of the universe.

Immediately afterward, James’ portrait was also shared throughout the universe.

At that moment, James had already left the Human Realm.

He knew surviving in the Human Realm with his current strength was impossible.

Although ten thousand years was long, it was just a blink of an eye to powerhouses.
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James had to find a desolate place to hide. As long as he could escape the powerhouses after him for
ten thousand years, then he would be fine.

He left the Human Realm, made a spatial passage, and entered outer space.

James arrived on an unknown planet of the universe where there were no living beings.

He entered the planet.

The planet’s environment was very harsh. There was heavy snow, and the entire place was covered in
white snow. Moreover, space turbulences constantly appeared throughout the sky.

James landed on a snowy mountain on the planet.

He stopped for a while and sat in a lotus position on the snowy mountain.

James looked into the distance and fell into thought.

He began to think about his next steps.

Was he really going to hide for ten thousand years?

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