The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3379

Chapter 3379

James had thought about fighting all the pursuers head-on before, but his cultivation rank was too low.
He was a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor and was not strong enough to fight all the powerhouses after

If his cultivation rank matched his physical strength, he would not have to worry about meeting them
head-on. He would have the confidence to fight whatever prodigies that came to challenge him. Even if
they were two ranks higher, he could kill them.

James roared furiously, “Ahh!!!”

His voice resounded, and terrifying sound waves swept the surroundings. A few snow-capped
mountains around him shattered instantly and caused an avalanche.

James felt aggrieved.

He had never felt so helpless throughout his cultivation journey before.
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In the past, he had always been the one suppressing others. Now, he had no choice but to run for his
life because his enemy overpowered him.

James clenched his fists.

His desire and determination to become stronger intensified.

James roared furiously, “Just you wait, Herschel. One day, I’ll become an Ancestral God and come to
Mount Heavenly Path to kill you.”

After James vented his anger, he calmed down.

He knew his rage was not going to get him anywhere. It was more important to transform his anger into

James set up a Time Formation without hesitation and began cultivating within it.

He was most well-versed in the Sword Path.

His Sword Path had gone through three Consolidations. Thus, he wanted to increase its rank to the
Quasi Emperor Rank as soon as possible.

James sat in a lotus position on the ground, and a mark appeared on his forehead.

The mark was a Sword Path Seal.

The Sword Path Seal contained the inheritance of the Ancestral Sword Master, which he had obtained
from Galileo.

James silently began to cultivate.

At the same time, he absorbed the power of heaven and earth to enhance his Ousia’s Power. To speed
up the absorption, James activated Elemental Inversion.

His Elemental Ousias materialized above his head and formed the Elemental Inversion Formation,
allowing him to rapidly absorb the energy of this world.

As the energy entered his body, they were converted into various powers of the respective Ousias.

Slowly, dazzling Sword Energy emerged around James’ body. They revolved around him, and his aura
became stronger.

While James was cultivating on an unknown planet, the other worlds were completely turned upside

The whole universe learned about Herschel’s order to hunt and kill James.

Herschel announced that the reward was to join Mount Heavenly Path and gain access to their library

The rewards were very tempting, inducing many powerhouses to join the hunt for James.

“Did you hear that Mount Heavenly Path’s Young Master issued a hunt for James Caden’s life?
Whoever kills him can become a disciple of Mount Heavenly Path and access their library chamber.”

“Who’s James Caden? Why is Herschel after his life?”

“His origins are unknown. However, I heard he inspected the Sacred Blossom in the Katun Realm and
comprehended the Five Great Paths. Moreover, he cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias.”

“It’s rumored his cultivation rank is not very high and is only at the Divine Rank’s Third Stage. However,
his physical strength is at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven.”

“Herschel allows anyone who does not exceed James’ physical strength by two ranks to join the hunt
for him.”

“The news has spread everywhere, and the entire universe is aware of the hunt for his life.”

“James Caden, right? I must kill him and join Mount Heavenly Path!”

“Even if James flees to the ends of the universe, I’ll find him!”

Powerhouses from all over the universe, including prodigies from major sects, left their seclusion to join
the hunt for James.

Meanwhile, James was unaware that prodigies from all over the universe were after his life.

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