The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3380

Chapter 3380

James wholeheartedly comprehended the Sword Path.

His Sword Path Ousia had already gone through three Consolidations. Now that he had activated the
Elemental Inversion Formation, he could quickly absorb the energy from the planet. Therefore, his
Sword Path’s Power increased rapidly.

Before he knew it, he had already reached the peak of the Divine Rank’s Third Stage and was very
close to reaching the Quasi Emperor Rank.

Once he took the final step, he could be considered a Quasi Emperor.

Sword Energy surrounded James’ body, making him look like a legendary weapon with a terrifying

James’ aura kept increasing.

What was the concept of a Quasi-Emperor?

After one’s Ousia went through all three Consolidations, it would gradually separate and multiply.

The Ousias generated from the separation would be of the same element. After nine Ousias of the
same element were formed, one would officially become a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor.

Ultimately, the nine Ousias would merge and evolve into a Path Seal. After that, one would become a
Grand Emperor.

After becoming a Quasi Emperor, one could quickly become a Grand Emperor if strong enough.

However, every multiplication of the Ousia would attract a Tribulation, which would grow stronger each
time. The higher one got in the Quasi Emperor Rank, the stronger the tribulation.

Under normal circumstances, cultivators that had entered the Quasi Emperor Rank would not rush to
improve. Instead, they would prepare as much as possible before the attempt to enter the next rank.

At that moment, James was already close to becoming a Quasi-Empror, and his Ousia was already
showing signs of multiplying.

Suddenly, a crack appeared in front of the snowy mountain.


Three cultivators walked out of the void. All three of them were men that looked to be in their thirties
and were wearing gray robes.

“James should be here, right?”

“Yeah. Mount Heavenly Path released news that James had fled to this uninhabited world. Let me scan
the surroundings.”

With that said, the man proceeded to sense the area.

Another one was eager to spring into action and said excitedly, “Once we kill James, we can join Mount
Heavenly Path together.”

“He’s just in front.”

The man standing in front pointed forward.

At that moment, James was cultivating and trying to comprehend that Sword Path. His forehead had a
strange mark, continuously emitting the Ancestral Sword Master’s knowledge in the Sword Path.

James’ comprehension of the Sword Path became more profound.


Suddenly, there was a loud rumble.

A flash of lightning pierced through the sky and headed directly for James.

James was about to enter Quasi Emperor Rank, and he attracted a lightning tribulation.

The lightning tribulation was at the Quasi Emperor Rank and could not cause damage to James
because his physical strength was already at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven.
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With the appearance of the lightning tribulation, clouds also gathered in the sky. Countless lightning
traveled through the thick layer of clouds.

The three cultivators in the area immediately halted in their tracks.

The leader immediately said, “James must be going through a tribulation to become a Quasi-Emperor.
Let’s not rush to kill him now. If we go now, we’ll interfere with the tribulation and be targeted by the
Heavenly Tribulation.”

The other two nodded.

James’ Quasi-Emperor Tribulation appeared.

Countless lighting flashes struck down from the sky onto him but caused no substantial damage.

With the appearance of the Heavenly Tribulation, James’ Ousia also went through an evolution, and his
Sword Path’s Power also kept increasing.

The tribulation was over very quickly.

After a while, James slowly opened his eyes. A burst of Sword Energy shot out from his eyes and tore
through the space.

James slowly stood up from the ground and dispersed the Time Formation.

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