The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3381

Chapter 3381

James immediately sensed the three cultivators ahead of him.

He stood atop the snow-capped mountain and looked at the three men floating in the air before him.

James immediately raised his guard. He knew the three cultivators were after his life, so he would have
to fight an intense battle soon.

James sensed their cultivation rank.

Fortunately, they were Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors, similar to his physical strength.

A Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor was nothing extraordinary in the Primeval Age. However, they would be
overpowering powerhouses in the age James came from.

James’ portrait had been revealed to the public a long time ago.

The three cultivators quickly confirmed he was their target after seeing his face.

The three advanced in the air to James and appeared a thousand meters away from him.

“Surrender to us, James, and we’ll leave you the chance to be reincarnated. Otherwise, we’ll destroy
your soul, leaving you no chance to resurrect again.”

James would have fled instantly if the opponent was a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor.

However, he was not afraid of mere Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors. He looked at his opponents and
said coldly, “I didn’t expect cultivators to come after me so soon. Since you’ve come to me, don’t think
of leaving. This place will be your burial ground.”

James had to suppress his anger previously and did not have an outlet to vent.

Now that these three had come to him, he would use them to release his pent-up anger.


“You’re too arrogant, James.”
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“Although your physical strength is at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, your cultivation rank is
pathetic. The three of us are Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors, and killing you will be a piece of cake.”

“Let’s not waste time talking to him. Just attack and kill him.”

Immediately, powerful auras erupted from the three cultivators.

The aura of Grand Emperors was incredibly oppressive. The surrounding snow-capped mountain
began to collapse from the force, and the space in the area distorted.

Faced with three Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors, James clenched his fists tightly.

At that moment, his muscles and bones overflowed with power, spreading to every inch of his body.

“Die!” James shouted furiously, then dashed through the space.

He clenched his fist and swung at the three opponents before him.

His physical strength was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven and contained explosive force.
James did not use any fancy moves but pure physical strength. His punch could part the skies and split
the ground.

As he swung his fist, the space around him began to distort. His pure physical strength was aimed
directly at his three opponents.

“Pfft,” One of them snorted coldly.

The leader of the three made the first move. He raised his hand, and powerful force emerged from his
palm to resist James’ attack.

It was a battle between pure physical strength and Path Energy.

The two forces clashed.


A hole immediately appeared in the space. The collision’s shock waves spread like water ripples and
destroyed everything in the way.

The terrifying force knocked away the opponent, and his Blood Energy churned. Unable to suppress it,
he spat out blood. After the collision, he was shocked.

Meanwhile, James easily stabilized himself after taking a few steps backward.

He charged at his opponent again without hesitation, intending to seize the opportunity to kill one of the

The other two immediately sprung into action, attacking James from the left and right.

James spread out his hands to block the attacks.

At that moment, he felt crushed by the two forces. Although his physical strength was at the Grand
Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, he could not bear it, and his body showed signs of splitting apart.

The Heavenly Path’s injuries in his body were affected, and his face distorted in pain.

At that moment, the first opponent that was knocked away charged at James again. He appeared in
front of James instantly and launched a terrifying attack at James’ chest.

Despite having impressive physical strength, James’ chest sunk from the attack, and he spat out a
mouthful of blood.

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