The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3386

Chapter 3386

Chapter 3386

James’ reading speed was very fast, and he could memorize the contents of the books at a glance.

However, remembering and comprehending them were two different things.

Soon, James finished all the books. He sat in a lotus position on the floor and focused on
comprehending the information. He had to comprehend the Paths to grow stronger.

All of his Ousias were close to going through another Consolidation.

The only Ousia that could absorb more energy was his Sword Path.

James absorbed the energy in the environment and continued comprehending the Sword Path.

Gradually, he fell into a trance and entered a mysterious world.

The world was separated into black and white, representing Yin and Yang.

The mysteries of both Paths were presented before him.

James’ comprehension of both Paths grew more profound. As his knowledge increased, the power of
his Yin and Yang also improved significantly. It was evident he was going through another

It was his Yin and Yang’s second Consolidation.

The speed of his improvements was terrifying.

For ordinary living beings, it would take quite a long time to improve their knowledge before reaching
the Consolidation Stage. Some people would stay in one stage for many Epochs.

However, James made the Consolidation process seem very easy.

Consolidation was affected by one’s state of mind.

If one had a strong mentality, the comprehension rate of one’s Path would also improve.

Before James knew it, his Yin and Yang Path Ousia had gone through the second Consolidation.

Until now, no enemies had shown up yet. Thus, James did not leave the Celestial Abode and continued
to absorb the power from heaven and earth to improve his Sword Path Ousia, Yin Ousia, and Yang

Afterward, James also began to comprehend the Elemental Path.

James read through the records of many of the seniors’ comprehension of the Elemental Path, and his
knowledge grew another notch higher.

He comprehended the Elemental Path and improved his Elemental Ousias without any hindrance.
Soon, his Elemental Ousias reached the stage of a second



After his Elemental Ousias went through a Second Consolidation, James stopped cultivating and took a
deep breath.

James used his Time Path’s Power to sense time.

A hundred years had passed since he fled to this world. During this period, he successfully reached the
Quasi Emperor Rank’s Second Tribulation. Moreover, his Yin, Yang, and Elemental Ousias had gone
through the second Consolidation.

While a hundred years had passed in the outside world, James had cultivated in the Time Formation
for over thirty thousand years.

Since he had spent a very long time in cultivation, he decided to stop for now.

With a thought, he left the Celestial Abode and reappeared in the unknown world.

The moment he appeared, he sensed other life forces on the planet. It was not just one, but at least
thirty people had arrived.

James immediately knew they were after him.

They could not sense his aura or locate him while he was inside the Celestial Abode.

Now that James had left the Celestial Abode, they caught hold of his aura and located him immediately.
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A few cracks appeared around James, and several people appeared.

In just a few seconds, thirty creatures appeared around him.

“It’s James!”

‘The information revealed by Mount Heavenly Path is accurate. James was indeed lurking on this

“If we kill him, we’ll acquire handsome rewards!”

The cultivators that appeared were excited.

James took a look at them and sensed their cultivation ranks.

None of those that were after his life were weak. All those pursuing him were Fifth Heaven Grand
Emperors or even higher.

The cultivators that showed up this time were all Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors.

These thirty cultivators immediately sealed the area and trapped James.

A few cultivators shouted at him, “Surrender, James!”

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