The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3387

Chapter 3387

Chapter 3387

James looked at the thirty cultivators around him solemnly.

Some time ago, he struggled in a fight against three Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors. How was he going
to fight thirty of them?

James had comprehended the Five Great Paths and could use the Time or Space Path to escape.

No one could stop him if he attempted to flee.

However, James did not want to escape.

Instead, he thought about how to kill thirty of these Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors.

He was determined to kill them.

Only by killing these pursuers would he scare off the others. No one would dare to come for his life in
the future, and it would be easier for him to survive the ten thousand years.

James refused to keep running from them.

“It’s going to be hard to fight thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors.” James frowned.

“Die, James!”

One of the opponents was impatient and launched an attack. He held a long sword and appeared
before James in a flash.

The man swung his sword at James, performing the First Swordsmanship.

He had a profound comprehension of the First Swordsmanship and incorporated many Sword Moves
into the attack.

James quickly activated the power of his Space Path and disappeared from sight.

The man’s sword swung in the air, causing the space to split open and ripples to spread through the

James resurfaced ten thousand meters away.

He crossed his hands behind his back with no intention of running from the fight.

He planned to use the Elemental Inversion against them.

James’ Elemental Ousia had already gone through the second Consolidation. On top of his physical
strength, he could use Elemental Inversion to form the Elemental Wheel. James felt he had a chance to
defeat the thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors and could even kill them.

After all, the Elemental Inversion was a Supernatural Power created by the Five Ancestral Gods.

However, James could not use the Five Elements of Genesis.
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The Five Elements of Genesis already existed in the Primeval Age. Thus, he would attract very potent
Karma Power if he summoned them. If that were to happen, he would be badly injured, and it could
also cause a relapse of the Heavenly Path’s injuries in his body.

“Since you’ve already shown up, don’t think of leaving. This place is where you will all be buried.”

James stood with his hands behind him as his voice resounded throughout the area. Immediately
afterward, five Ousias appeared above his head.

“Elemental Ousias?”

“H-How is that possible?”

“It’s rumored that James cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias. On top of that, he has a Sword Path
Ousia, which makes that six Ousias. How is it possible for him to have all five Elemental Ousias as
well? In total, he would have more than…”

“Huff!” The Grand Emperors in the distance gasped in surprise.

The fact that James cultivated the Five Great Paths’ Ousias had already spread. Moreover, the
Ancestral Sword God had publicly stated that James was his disciple. Therefore, everyone assumed
that James had a Sword Ousia.

Now, they even witnessed him summoning Elemental Ousias.

The Grand Emperors present were all dumbfounded and confused.

How many Ousias did James have?

“A genius. He’s an absolute genius.”

“No one has ever cultivated that many Ousias throughout history.”

“Yeah, it would be hard to believe if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

“It’s a pity he offended Mount Heavenly Path. Herschel wants him dead, and it’ll be impossible for him
to survive. Otherwise, he would surely rise to become one of the strongest cultivators in the universe
with enough time.”

The Grand Emperors in the distance felt it was a pity for James to die.

They also did not really want to kill such a talented cultivator with so much potential.

However, the rewards offered by Mount Heavenly Path were too tempting.

An opponent in the distance asked, “James, do you intend to fight us with your Elemental Ousias? I
acknowledge that you’re an outstanding person, but you’re only at the Divine Rank. You don’t even
have a Path Seal yet, so how will you stand a chance against us?”

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