The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3388

Chapter 3388

Chapter 3388

James had several combat means.
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The Elemental Inversion and Infinity Steles were two of his ultimate trump cards.

Initially, he had no plans of using them.

However, he was now forced to use them in combat.

James looked at the thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors in the distance and said smilingly, “Since
you’ve come for my life, you better be prepared to die. However, I have a question. Please do enlighten

One of the opponents replied, “Go ahead, James. You’re a rare prodigy, and it’s a pity to kill you like
this. If you have any questions, we’ll satisfy your curiosity.”

James asked, “How did you find me? The universe is so vast. I only arrived on this planet a hundred
years ago. Yet, you guys caught up so easily.”

A powerhouse answered, “Mount Heavenly Path revealed your location.”

“Oh?” James was surprised.

It was just as he speculated. A mysterious powerhouse within Mount Heavenly Path was divining and
revealing his location to the public. Therefore, many of these powerhouses could easily obtain
information about his whereabouts.

Another powerhouse asked, “Do you have any more questions, James?”

James shook his head and said, “Nope.”

“In that case, prepare to die.”

After one of the powerhouses spoke, thirty of them immediately launched their attacks. They charged
at James, all trying to be the first to kill him to earn the chance to join Mount Heavenly Path.

The energy of the thirty powerhouses gathered and was incredibly scary.

Faced with thirty powerhouses charging at him, James remained calm. Just before their attacks landed
on him, the surrounding space began to tremble.

Their attacks did not strike James, but instead, they were teleported away.


The opponents that attacked were shocked.

“Space Path?”

“It’s no wonder the Space Path is one of the Five Great Paths. It’s indeed really magical.”

“Having mastered such an extraordinary Path, it would be hard for him to die even if he wanted to.”

Many of the powerhouses were shocked.

Even so, they still wanted to kill James.

They were careless and got teleported by the spatial rifts James created in the space. As long as they
could destroy the surrounding space, James’ Space Path would be useless against them.

At that moment, the Elemental Ousias above James’ head merged.

The different elements intertwined and fused to form a mysterious power.

Immediately, the power began to form the Elemental Wheel.

James urged his physical strength, and power emerged from his body. The power submerged into the
Elemental Wheel, enhancing its strength.


“What kind of signature skill is this?”

“What Supernatural Power is he using?”

“It’s unprecedented. One that I’ve never heard of before.”

The Grand Emperors in the distance were shocked.

“Time to say goodbye.”

James’ voice resounded throughout the area.

The Elemental Wheel immediately dashed out with terrifying force.

The force permeated the surroundings. Even Fifth Heaven

Grand Emperors like them felt palpitations, and they immediately fled without hesitation.

However, it was already too late.

The Elemental Wheel darted out and crushed down a few opponents.

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