The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3390

Chapter 3390

The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage Chapter 3390

Killing thirty Fifth Heaven Grand Emperors was nothing extraordinary.

Several Grand Priests and Priestesses from major sects had also killed dozens of cultivators at the
same cultivation rank as themselves.

Although James’ physical strength was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, his achievement
was very impressive only because his cultivation rank was relatively low.

James had already attracted the attention of many Grand Priests and Grand Priestesses.

Many prodigies in seclusion for years also headed out to hunt for James.

James’ name had caused a commotion throughout the universe.

His accomplishments did not bring on his fame. Instead, he went viral because Mount Heavenly Path
was targeting him.

No one knew how James had offended Mount Heavenly Path.

However, everyone knew that James would surely die after being targeted by Mount Heavenly Path,
regardless of how outstanding he was.

Since ancient times, no one dared to disobey Mount

Heavenly Path.

Rumors about James continued to spread like wildfire throughout the universe.

Meanwhile, James had entered another planet that was uninhabited by living beings,

Many desolate planets existed throughout the vast universe, and their surroundings were dead silent.

The planet James arrived on was also very tranquil.

He appeared on a planet that was on the verge of destruction. It had a very harsh environment but very
compelling energy.

The power was formed because the planet was about to perish.
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Even a Grand Emperor would not be able to resist the power.

Despite having physical strength at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, it was difficult for James
to bear it.

However, he desperately needed to get stronger.

He had the Elemental Inversion Formation and the Demonic Lotus, so he could easily absorb and
refine any sort of energy that others could not.

James began to suppress the Heavenly Path’s injuries in his body.

The trauma dealt by the Heavenly Path’s Power was terrible. Everytime he suffered physical injuries or
engaged in battles, the wounds would relapse. James was confident he

could fight a Sixth Heaven Grand Emperor if he did not have these injuries.

After he temporarily suppressed the injuries, the pain subsided significantly.

James sat within the planet’s core fire.

Core fires would form within planets that were about to perish. The flames were scorching hot and
contained very violent energy.

James summoned the Elemental Ousias above his head to form the Elemental Inversion Formation.
Then, he began to absorb the energy from the planet.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Lotus also hovered in the sky and rapidly absorbed the energy. The power of
James’ Ousias improved tremendously.

It had been a long time since James had focused so wholeheartedly on his cultivation.

In the past, he never deliberately focused on improving his cultivation rank but simply left it up to fate.

Now, he was seizing every minute and second to cultivate. Thus, his strength was constantly

At the rate he was cultivating, he would have entered the Grand Emperor Rank by now if he only had
one Ousia.

However, James had many Ousias and needed to absorb a lot of energy.


A crack formed on the planet’s ground, and James stopped cultivating.

He had absorbed all the remaining power of this world and refined them into his energy.

Therefore, the planet’s life had come to an end.

James immediately left the planet in a flash.


After he disappeared, the entire planet disintegrated. Shortly after, there was an explosion, causing
meteorites to burst out into the dark space.

James did not stay in the area for long but searched for a new, suitable place to cultivate.

He traveled through dim space and sensed the energy of the planets around him. Soon, he found a
planet with abundant energy.

It was another abandoned planet. The environment was harsh and not suitable for human habitation.

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