The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3392

Chapter 3392

The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage Chapter 3392

James was intrigued by Karma Power. He believed that he could cultivate any sort of power. The Five
Great Paths were considered power as well. However, not many truly cultivated them, and since there
were no detailed cultivation methods in existence, he could only rely on himself to comprehend them.
Since he could do so with the Five Great Paths, why not Karma?

James sat in a lotus position on the ground, and the Five Elements of Genesis appeared above his
head. The Five Elements of Genesis existed in this age, yet he had brought with him ones that came
from the future. Hence, he had transgressed the laws of the universe and was now being devoured by
Karma Power.

Karma Power enveloped his entire body. Unable to withstand the Karma Power, cracks began
appearing on his body, and he was soon covered in blood. With the provoking of the Karma Power, the
injuries in his body from the Heavenly Path were aggravated.

At that moment, James felt excruciating pain all over his body. Even his soul trembled and shivered,
and he could not help but scream in pain. However, he gritted his teeth and pressed through. He was
sensing the Karma Power and trying to absorb and refine it. However, the cultivation methods he had
mastered could not pull off such a feat. He shut his eyes and begin to sense the Karma Power.

At that moment, at a place with picturesque scenery somewhere in the universe…


An elderly, sage-like man appeared. There were four other elderly men there. They summoned their
Natal Treasure— the Five Elements of Genesis-at the same time.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

They were the Five Ancestral Masters of Heaven and Earth, some of the most ancient figures of this
universe. They had lived for countless years, and they had reached the Caelum Ancestral God Rank
long ago. As people with great providence, they had the Five Elements of Genesis that existed since
the creation of heaven and earth.

“What’s going on?”

“Something seems to be guiding the Five Elements of Genesis. They’re experiencing signs of
repulsion, dissolving, and disappearing. Yet, they won’t completely vanish.”

Wearing grim expressions, they looked at the treasures before them.

“Could it be that a similar thing has appeared in this world? Is that why there’s a repulsion?”

“Could be.”

They conversed.

As Caelum Ancestral masters, they were knowledgeable in many things. With a little extrapolation, they
could easily get to the bottom of things. Hence, they immediately began to extrapolate, seeking to
discover the identity of the one who possessed the Five Elements of Genesis and the whereabouts of
the other one. However, they could not discover anything no matter how hard they tried. It seemed
there was some powerful force preventing them from extrapolating.

“Karma… What terrifying Karma…” Wearing a grim expression, an elderly man said, “I’ve never seen
such terrifying Karma Power. What caused such terrifying Karma Power to appear?”

Without a cause, there would be no Karma.

“I heard there recently came an incredible prodigy. He once spectated the blossoming of a Sacred
Blossom in the Katun Realm, and he’s comprehended the Five Great Paths.

Besides, rumors say that he performed the Elemental Ousia and some terrifying Supernatural Powers
when fighting against his enemies.

“I also heard that Mount Heavenly Path has given the order to pursue this young man. The signature
cultivation method he performed resembles what we’ve just comprehended.”

Then, an elderly man casually waved, and an image of James’ battle against the thirty Fifth Heaven
Grand Emperors appeared.

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