The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3395

Chapter 3395

The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage Chapter 3395

As his mind stirred, the Five Elements of Genesis appeared. Since he was already contaminated by
Karma, he did not mind more.

The Five Elements of Genesis gathered to form an Elemental Wheel, one that was mightier than an
Elemental Wheel formed by the Elemental Ousia.

As the Elemental Wheel swept toward James’ enemies, none could resist. Some weaker ones were
immediately killed by the wheel’s power. The stronger ones tried to fight against the Elemental Wheel.
However, against the overwhelming power of the Elemental Wheel, all of their efforts were for naught.
The Elemental Wheel swept through them and obliterated a huge number of them.

In the distance, a crack appeared in the void once more, and more pursuers poured out of the crack.
This time, they numbered in the thousands. Upon seeing the might of the Elemental Wheel and Infinity
Steles, they were horrified.

James was unable to prolong the fight any longer. He knew he had to end this quickly. Otherwise, he
would die.

The Elemental Wheel crashed against the sealed space and tore the void open. Then, storing the
Elemental Wheel and Infinity Steles away, he vanished without a trace. Using the Space Path, he
immediately traveled far away from this region. Upon arriving at an unknown location, he found a
concealed spot, sat in a lotus position, and summoned his full strength to suppress the Heavenly Path’s
injuries and Karma Power.
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However, the Karma Power was too overwhelming, and he could not suppress it with his current
strength. As the Karma Power entered his blood and limbs, his injuries from the Heavenly Path were

aggravated. If he could not endure it, he would die. James did not want to die just yet. He still had
many things he needed to do. Hence, he endured it with all his willpower.

At the same time while James was rejuvenating, news traveled fast in the outside world.

At the Callahans’ in the Human Realm…

The disciples of the Callahans were reporting the latest information they had on James.

“Our latest report reveals that James annihilated at least fifty powerful figures on an unknown planet.
Among them were Seventh Heaven Grand Emperors.”

Hearing this, Thea frowned and said, “No way. James’ physical strength is only at the Grand Emperor
Rank’s Fifth Heaven. How was he able to annihilate a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor with his
physical strength?”

The disciple answered, “Based on the witnesses there, James used his treasures-the Infinity Steles
and the Five Elements of Genesis of the Five Ancestral Masters of Heaven and Earth. That was how
he managed to annihilate them.”

“The Infinity Steles? The Five Elements of Genesis?!”

Stunned, Thea stood up abruptly and asked, “Are you referring to the Infinity Steles of the Infinity

“Should be. However, we don’t have the exact details yet.”

Thea took a deep breath.

“Who exactly is James Caden? Why does he possess the Infinity Steles and the treasure of the Five
Ancestral Masters?”

She was confounded.

The Callahans were not the only ones paying close attention to James’ news, but so were Mount
Sword God, the Ancestral Talisman Master, and Mount Heavenly Path.

In a beautiful place on Mount Heavenly Path, a woman was sitting on a chair, gazing into the distance
with a displeased look on her face.

She was Winnie.

Upon arriving at this age, she coincidentally joined Mount Heavenly Path and became an Inner Disciple
of the ruler of the universe.

“Is that you, Dad? Have you come to this age as well?”

Her expression was grim.

After all, every piece of news regarding James was not exactly good news.

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