The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3396

Chapter 3396

The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage Chapter 3396

Winnie arrived at this age tens of thousands of years ago. With her awakened Scythe of Judgment, she
joined Mount Heavenly Path and became an Inner Disciple of the ruler of the universe. She was treated
immensely well here, and Mount Heavenly Path ensured that she had a steady stream of cultivation
resources. Hence, her rank increased rapidly. She had crossed from her initial Sage Rank into the
Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.

However, as she did not leave Mount Heavenly Path at all, she had no idea what was going on outside.
She also had no idea when James arrived at this age. She only coincidentally learned of this when
conversing with her fellow disciples of Mount Heavenly Path. In the beginning, she was unsure whether
James was her father. However, upon hearing of the Infinity Steles and the Five Elements of Genesis,
she was now completely sure.

“What has Dad done? Why is Herschel pursuing him?”

Winnie was confused.
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After some contemplation, she stood up and left her accommodation.

She appeared on the peak of a mountain on Mount Heavenly Path. This mountain was where Herschel
resided and where he would enter closed-door meditations. There was a majestic palace on the peak.

At that moment, a young and somewhat handsome-looking man was sitting on the throne. Wearing a
white robe, he was deep in contemplation.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The sound of footsteps came.

Herschel turned around and saw Winnie. Putting on a warm smile, he said, “Hello there, Winnie. Why
are you here when you’re supposed to be cultivating?”

Herschel was rather fond of Winnie as she possessed immense potential, not to mention her awakened
Scythe of Judgment. In the future, she could become the Lord of Judgment and the Heaven’s
Adjudicator who ruled over the universe. She would be helping the ruler of the universe better manage
the universe.

Winnie walked toward him and sat on a chair, asking, ” Young Master, I heard you’ve been busy

Saying that, she glanced at Herschel.

“Why are you going all-out against a mere human?”

As Winnie was confused, she came here in search of answers. However, until she could shake off the
feeling of uncertainty, she would not reveal her identity as the daughter of James. Besides, she had
kept the fact that she came from the future a secret.

Wearing a grim expression, Herschel looked at her and said, “Winnie, there are some things you won’t
ever understand. But since you’ve awakened the unique Scythe of Judgment and will be the Lord of
Judgment in the future, I’ll tell you everything.”

Winnie listened intently.

Herschel took a deep breath and said, “Previously, my father sensed the appearance of the embryonic
form of

Macrocosm Power. Someone has cultivated the Five Great Paths. Once his cultivation of the Five
Great Paths reaches the pinnacle, he will become a Macrocosm Ancestral God. This will affect the

status of my father and Mount Heavenly Path.”

Winnie was taken aback. She never expected her father to have cultivated the embryonic form of
Macrocosm Power and for him to have the potential of becoming a Macrocosm Ancestral God.

“Is this why you gave the order to pursue James?”

“Of course.” Herschel sighed and said, “Originally, I planned to annihilate James straight away.
However, Thea Callahan intervened, saying that she intends to shield James from harm. Now, even the
Ancestral Sword Master has stepped forward. Unwilling to offend him, I have no choice but to resort to
such underhanded tactics.”

There was a Callahan family in the Primeval Age with eight daughters. Winnie knew a little about Thea.
That was because she was well-renowned. However, she had never seen the Thea of this age and had
no idea what she looked like. As such, she had never connected the Thea of this age to her mother.

Now that Herschel stated that Thea wished to protect James, Winnie froze. She fell into deep thought.
Could it be that the Thea of this age had something to do with her mother?

Putting those thoughts aside, she asked, “Do we really have to kill him? Can’t we pull him over to our
side? We can nurture him so that Mount Heavenly Path has another Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

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